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sherryDN - 18d ago
Help with a room

My husband and I are downsizing and have bought a house. Our livingroom is a challenge. I have seen some awesome design on here and thought I would ask for your advise. The grayed out area are rooms it opens up to. Can't change: windows size or location, doors, or the arch openings, flooring. We have a 50" TV and an electric fireplace.

I am looking so forward to see what you all come up with. 

*****Note sure I'm doing this right, so I hope the link works.

sherryDN 18d ago
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Theadora - 18d ago


The link works :)

Can you pls tell me what your favourite colour(s) and furniture style is? 

Theadora 18d ago
sherryDN - 18d ago

I love all colors; but my fav. is blue (all shades) and earth tones.  As for my style; I don't have a specific style.  I like cozy, comfortable, but clean...I like nature, but not a jungle. The house is a 1920's stone block.  I like the vintage look with a modern touch.  

Not sure there is a style for that.....LOL   I like not fitting in a box...

sherryDN 18d ago
Theadora - 17d ago

Question: Is your window frame black and your door white?

Theadora 17d ago
sherryDN - 17d ago


sherryDN 17d ago
Theadora - 17d ago

Hi again,

Here is an idea for your living room, hope you like it. :)


Theadora 17d ago
chania - 17d ago
chania 17d ago
Valentinapenta - 16d ago

May I ask are the arch openings actually 8 feet tall, and the widths different sizes as indicated by your template?

sherryDN - 16d ago

I don't think the arch is all the way to the ceiling; and I have guesstimated the openings.  As for the room size I know is correct, but the openings are guessing.  We are buying the house and it hasn't closed yet so I can't go measure.  

Does that help any?

sherryDN 16d ago
Valentinapenta - 15d ago

Thanks that helps.

sherryDN - 15d ago

I gave it a shot.  Let me know what you think; honestly.  LOL

sherryDN 15d ago
Theadora - 15d ago

I think you did an awesome job! I like your furniture choices/placement. I would add a coffee table though, they're very useful to 

Theadora 15d ago
sherryDN - 15d ago

Thanks.  I don't really care for coffee tables; guess I have gotten use to not having one.  My husband has to have a power lift chair and the blue arm chair almost has the same measurements of his chair. So the coffee table would get in the way.  

I haven't learned how to place things onto the shelves yet...but, I'll get there.  This is kind-of addicting, like some of the younger generation's video games.  

sherryDN 15d ago
Valentinapenta - 15d ago

Looks like you knew exactly what you wanted, SherryDN.    Good luck with the new place.

sherryDN - 15d ago

Thanks. But I didn't know what I wanted til you did that design, and I started remixing your design.  Thank you, you do awesome work.  

sherryDN 15d ago
sherryDN - 15d ago

These are the wall colors which are currently in the house we are buying.  I am considering leaving them (which will cut down our work during the move).  What do you think?  These same colors are in the kitchen right next to it.

sherryDN 15d ago
sherryDN - 15d ago

sherryDN 15d ago
sherryDN - 14d ago

Any other suggestions are still welcome.  I may not be able to find the items in these designs......I might be able to find one or two.  I am looking for the rug or something like it.  Your suggestions and the rug is what gave me the inspiration for this design.

sherryDN 14d ago
sherryDN - 14d ago

Not sure why the lower quality photo is showing instead of the 3D.  Just so I can see if I'm doing this right...I'm going to try loading it again.

sherryDN 14d ago
Theadora - 14d ago

@sherryDN, hi again, see above, I think you've got Valentinapenta and I mixed up. :)

Here is a link to the blue sofa you like, found it after a short search on the Internet. 

The rug is another story, it hails from the beginning of this site over a decade ago and is probably no longer available for sale. Roomstyler never shows all the items you use in the thumbnail but sometimes you can find out what company they belong to on the items list.

If I had known beforehand that your husband uses a power lift chair I would have made a different room, sooo since I did not read the comment on your design till just now (thank you for your kind words) I had already made some minor changes to the 1st one.

I used the Zinc corner group and 1 power lift chair which eliminates 1 chair to give you more room.

I kept the neutral taupe wall colour - I figure with walls in the existing colours you'd be taking away from the beautiful new furniture and the whole room will be too overwhelming which won't give you a relaxed and peaceful feeling.

It's a lot easier to paint before you move in than finding out the colours are too much for you after living there for a while.

Hope you like it. :)


Theadora 14d ago
Valentinapenta - 14d ago

Theodora, I agree.  The neutral wall color accentuate the furnishings and accessories.  Nice  job.

Valentinapenta - 14d ago

Sherry, I didn't submit a design for your room.  You're referring to Theodora's design who is wonderful figuring out what a person needs and wants.  

Theadora - 14d ago

Thanks Valentina, much appreciated. :) 

Theadora 14d ago
Valentinapenta - 14d ago

You're welcome, Theodora.    Think Sherry knows what she wants.   She just needs to do some research on Roomstyler. and its furniture products as you suggested.  Most times the furniture is labeled, such as "Hooker,' "Living Spaces,"and the recently added, "Magnolia Home" by Joanna Gaines.

sherryDN - 14d ago

Theadora, I apologize.....I did get mixed up.  You both have been so helpful. 

Theadora, your 2nd design is beautiful!!!!  I shared them all with my husband and he liked them also.  The only thing he said was; he didn't want our 50" tv that close; he wants it on the wall where the shelves are on.  That will at least put it close to 15' away.  Right now it is 24' away and it is perfect.  

We will have to purchase furniture and things a little at a time. The purchase of the house and the deposits for utilities and such; plus a few other things will tax us.  So.....I will have to figure out how to live with an 8' sofa  and 2 large recliners; one being a power lift.  

But, I agree painting the room a neutral color before moving in is in order.

And yes, I kinda, know what I want.....just had no idea how to pull it together.  I needed the help of some pro's......  Thank you and now to figure out what to do with the guest room I will be using as my office.  


sherryDN 14d ago
Theadora - 13d ago

Hi sherryDN

How about this arrangement with the approximate furniture dimensions you have right now.

With the t.v. on the opposite wall your hubby wanted, you have enough room to place 2 chairs next to each other to watch t.v.

I've used the 7'6" Zinc sofa in front of the window - an 8' sofa will definitely fit.

If you like your furniture, the only thing I would suggest is to pick a neutral wall colour for the whole house, keep your own furniture and brighten up your space with things like cushions or throws in the colours you love. It's a lot cheaper than changing your furniture. :)


Theadora 13d ago
sherryDN - 13d ago

This is great!!  You do such nice work.  It will not allow me to open it. The door to the right of the chairs is the front door; and the doorway to the left of the chairs is the kitchen.......would that be a bad place to put the chairs?  Power lift chairs usually require to be at least 18" from the wall.

The recliners we have we are not happy with; I for one have a bad back and recliners are not the best for that.   So we are going to need new furniture; maybe not the sofa, which is a chocolate color.   However, that is a little down on the "needs" list.  

I guess I just needed to know the size of the living room and the rest of the house could work and look good before we signed on the dotted line.  I have been living in a large house for most of my adulthood and wasn't sure a smaller house could meet our needs and still look good.  Maybe that sounds silly but, that me  LOL.....

sherryDN 13d ago
Theadora - 12d ago

Hi Sherry, made the design public, sorry about that.

"Lift chairs in limited spaces—If space is an issue in the home, consider a wall hugger lift chair. Wall huggers can be as little as 4″ from the wall. When reclining, standard lift chairs recline backward and the footrest extends out the front so a certain amount of clearance is required in the back and front of the chair. Wall huggers start from the wall, and as they recline, the front of the chair slides outwards. Only two-position and three-position lift chairs are available as wall huggers." 

I normally wouldn't have placed the chairs between the 2 doors but since t.v. watching seems to be important I thought it would be more convenient for person #2 to also be able to watch t.v. straight on instead of at an angle.

It's difficult to make furniture fit with 2 doors and 2 door openings in a 12" x 15"5" space but I think between the 3 of us (you, Chania and myself) we've got all possibilities covered, lol. Good luck! :)

Theadora 12d ago
sherryDN - 12d ago

Thank you Theadora and Chania for your designs.  They are beautiful.  And it helps me to know what size, type, color furniture and accessories to look for when we are shopping.   

TV watching is important to my husband but I'm usually working with clients or in my office.  I do watch a movie with him on my days off.  

sherryDN 12d ago