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Nico Langeveld - 12d ago
Contest - Canyon Inspired

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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I see some designs that seem to overlook the direction to design a living room "the way a canyon is shaped." I understand this to be a narrow and high ceiling room. I think we need some clarification here, Nico.  Could you please clarify if a canyon landscape on the outside and canyon colors are what you are looking for, or did you also mean the shape of a room I described above???

kitty - 8d ago

I take it to mean irregularly shaped as well, ditto with high ceiling,  canyons are not square.

I must add not all canyons are Narrow-I was lucky enough to visit the Grand canyon and thats really really wide.

ravines are more narrow. 

kitty 8d ago

Being inspired by in a broad sense. It doesn't have to have implications on the shape of the room, but can be,

kitty - 6d ago

I noticed there are quite a few entries that aren't living rooms-the brief is for a living room after all!

kitty 6d ago