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Contest - IP | Diego

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here ;)

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Ida Dzanovic - 21d ago

Hi Deborah!

I don't understand: Can I make any changes? May I refine the architecture: walls, windows, door in this room?

Thanks for your reply

Greetings from e very sunny and warm Stockholm

Ida Dzanovic 21d ago

Hi!! The purpose of this contest is to design a room. You can change anything in the model/template, except Interprint's DIEGO furniture. =)

Ida Dzanovic - 20d ago

Thanks so much Deborah.

This is the first time to work on your template and I was unsure.

Thanks for the reply / greetings / Ida

Ida Dzanovic 20d ago
Valentinapenta - 20d ago

I can't enter my design for this contest.   I've followed the directions.  Is there something wrong?

Theadora - 20d ago

Can't see your design on your profile page so it must be set to private?

Theadora 20d ago

Please keep in mind that projects must be defined as "public" to be judged! Be sure to click "Make this room public" before submit your design ;)

Valentinapenta - 19d ago

I set it to private after I wasn't able to submit it.  It was public when I tried to  enter.  I've tried again, and all I get is, "Make sure your entry fits the contest description and is rendered well," but no submit option.   

Valentinapenta - 19d ago

I also used the contest's template to which I made changes. 

Valentinapenta - 19d ago

Debora,  I've now made 3 designs for the contest using the template, and I can't submit any of them.  Will you please look into it for me.  Thanks.

Hi! This message usually appears when you are submitting a design that is not using our template.

The fact that you are not seeing the "Submit" option ... Sometimes this happens with small devices. May I ask what type of device you are using? Maybe if you use a larger device it works. Let me know if you need help, ok? ;)

Valentinapenta - 18d ago

I'm using a laptop which never created problems with Roomstyler before.   Please look into it for me.  I've made the rooms public now.

Hi! Great news! I can see your design on the list. Probably it was something with your browser. No worries, you are back to the contest! Good luck! ;)

Valentinapenta - 17d ago


I can't wait to see who wins! Early congrats to the winners! ( whoever they are )

This contest has been very fun. Thanks Deborah & IP!

With Love,


I'm confused, I thought both pieces of furniture were required.  Yet that is not the case with the winning design.  Is it possible to receive some clarification for future contests?

That's a good question.  Doubt you're going to get an answer which is too bad.