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sherryDN - 7d ago
How to create an alcove in a wall to place an item

Can anyone tell me how to create an alcove in a wall to place an item?  

I have attached a design I am using to learn how to do this.  If anyone can help I would appreciate it.

sherryDN 7d ago
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hauser - 7d ago
hauser 7d ago
Theadora - 7d ago

Hi sherry,

1. Create a double wall and make it thick.

2. Add a frameless door way.

3. Find a piece of furniture of the height where you want to have the item... or use a pedestal or pony wall support which you can find under Architecture.

4. You could also use dressed shelves and other wall items.

5. After you're done adjust the size of the frameless door.

You can Remix any design on Roomstyler when you want to know how something was created. :)


Theadora 7d ago