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Contest - Japanese Art Home

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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kitty - 5d ago

what a brilliant idea for a contest! can't wait to see what people do .

kitty 5d ago

FYI  For those who aren't aware, the term Jap is considered an ethnic slur in many countries. For those using it as a title for this contest, you may want to rename your design.

kitty - 23h ago

Can we also remind people that the rooms are based on Japanese ARTISTS work 

not Japanese STYLE

there are many entries in japanese style that don't relate to any of the artists in the featured contest link.

I think these should be flagged.

kitty 23h ago
AlexGH - 2h ago

I'm new on this site. I would like to know why I can't enter this contest. It shows me that I can acces only the IP Rave contest which I've finished already. Thanks! 

AlexGH 2h ago
Theadora - 27m ago


You have to make sure your design is set to "public".

Theadora 27m ago