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Recently I have not been able to enter Roomstyler's contests. It started with the IP Diego contest. I asked Debora for help, but she didn't have an answer. I then tried the IP Rave and the Fairy Tale contest - no luck. Don't understand the problem since I've been entering contests for years.  

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out of curiosity, are they set to public.  On my end the last room I am seeing is Diego.  I can not see Rave or Fairy Tale.

I've set them to private since I can't enter them.   I've contacted Roomstyler.  Just wanted to air my problem publically, and to see if anyone else was experiencing the same problem.

sorry for misunderstanding.  But no, not experiencing any issue here.  Hope you are able to resolve the issue.  Your rooms are beautiful!!

Thanks.  That's very nice of you.

kitty - 5d ago

good luck! have you tried constantly re-setting public/private repeatedly to see if one time it registers and works?

this is very strange and i'm gutted for you x

kitty 5d ago
starsector - 5d ago

what happens (or doesn't happen) when you try to enter them?  Are you getting any message?  Have you tried refreshing the contest page before/after you try to enter a design?  

Some things to check for:  that you're using/submitting the right template file?  That you aren't accidently logged into a subdomain (DWR, LivingSpaces, etc.)?  

If you make them Public again, we can take a look and see if we can narrow down the problem.

ps:  I wouldn't make them Private just because you haven't been able to enter them in a contest, you did all that work! and I'm sure we'd all love to see them! xoxo

starsector 5d ago

Thanks, Kitty & Starsector.   I get a message that says, "Make sure your entry fits the description andis rendered well."  I tried Kitty's suggestion, and my Fairytale design 

was accepted.   I've contacted Vincent.  Hope he can help me.  Been doing this for years without any problems.:)

Just wanted everyone to know Vincent was extremely helpful.  We figured out what was wrong.  I'm most appreciative for his attention.  Thanks again Vincent.

starsector - 1d ago
Hi Val, can you post what information Vincent gave you or what solved the problem, so that we can give advise to others who may experience the same problem?  Thanks :)
starsector 1d ago
Valentinapenta - 24h ago

Sure, Starsector, but I don't think it will help others.  With Vincent's help, I figured out my laptop was the problem.  I easily entered the contest with my PC.  Told Vincent I'll have my son who's an IT tech look at the laptop since I'm a tech dinosaur.  I just wanted members to know the Roomstyler staff will  try to help if you email them.