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kitty - 5d ago
A suggestion...

As we have so many new members joining each month I thought it may be nice to have a 'new members' section where we could perhaps showcase maybe 5 a week randomly selected once they actually have a few rooms on their dashboard.

perhaps we could do it through the green 'pinned' section on this forum with links to their pages.

The reason I suggest this is that even as a long time member I sometimes find it dispiriting getting no likes or maybe only 1 like on rooms which aren't entered in contests and therefore may not get viewed by many.

I'm sure It must be hard for new members designing rooms and feeling no one is looking at them-and some may even give up and leave because of this.

It would be a nice way to support new members and retain their interest in the site.

As well as showcasing some of the really great designs people come up with.

Does anyone else feel this may be a good idea?

kitty 5d ago
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Orionaute - 20h ago

I like your suggestion, Kitty. This official welcome, in my opinion, should contain some tips in response to questions that many new people ask us at the forum.

If your suggestion becomes reality, you should mark very clearly the eligible pieces, in order to avoid a new one complaining of not having been chosen! 1 design by profile or + ...

This idea allows me to suggest competitions for them exclusively, for those who are here from 1 day to 3 months. No professional admitted with multiple account (we would know it quickly and it would not be fairplay) etc ...

Orionaute 20h ago
Theadora - 16h ago

Hi kitty and Francine, it's a great idea but the way Floorplanner is progressing and Roomstyler is regressing dampens the chance of any changes/improvements to Roomstyler. 

Since Floorplanner took over they have admittedly neglected Roomstyler, instead focussing on improving Floorplanner.

Whilst in the beginning some suggestions by members for improvement were implemented, we have been totally ignored in the past few years even though the suggestions were thoroughly discussed on the Forum and a lot of them  made perfect sense. Don't know whether they don't bother to follow the Forum posts or just choose to ignore us.

Was quite excited for a nano second about Debora Bittencourt (an Interior Designer) joining Floorplanner/Roomstyler to take charge of the contests (even googled her). Unfortunately so far she has been of very little use to the members since she basically ignores/is not capable of answering the contest questions put to her in the Forum (supposedly in the green section until the contest is finished).

Jeroen Bekkers is hoping Roomstyler members will move their designs over to Floorplanner but neglected to mention that when you become a Floorplanner member you can sign up for free but only get 1 template for free, after that you'll be paying a fee.

"Level 1 is our Free starting level for casual use. It is the entry level for free users on or via the white-labeled roomplanner within an enterprise account. These projects are limited to only one design but within this design users will have the full functionality of our drawing tool and can make use of all libraries. Level 1 projects allow exports in 2D and 3D but are limited to a lower SD resolution (960x540 px)."

To be quite honest I believe Roomstyler will become redundant and eventually disappear. 




Theadora 16h ago
Eve34 - 8h ago

Hi. for some reasons, I like roomstyler, but floorplanner has more functions, that could be also at roomstyler, resizing thiiner walls, capability to curve wall and change the height of each wall, etc.

Eve34 8h ago
Theadora - 8h ago

Why would they want to spend time and energy on improving Roomstyler when they have Floorplanner?

Theadora 8h ago
kitty - 5h ago

I tried Floorplanner  but didn't enjoy it-I found it 'clunky' to use and actually more limiting than Roomstyler.

If they made Roomstyler defunct so we had to migrate to Floorplanner and pay a fee I don't know what i'd do!!!!!! : (

As regards Theadora's comment regarding Deborah Bittencourt's involvement in the contests (or lack of) I'm still frustrated that contest briefs are so often not followed and yet people don't get disqualified and go on to do really well in the contests. 

I think its a kick in the teeth for those of us that diligently adhere to the brief.

Orionaute mentions professional members with multiple accounts-although I am ignorant of who exactly these people are perhaps Roomstyler should charge a subscription fee for professional members or for additional accounts that are registered to a buisiness email.

I would also suggest (maybe controversially) that these members should be exempt from entering any contests as surely contests should be a fun challenging thing for people like us and not used to promote a portfolio?

kitty 5h ago

Theodora, I don't think Debora is an interior designer.  She's listed as a UX and UI Designer.

Theadora - 1h ago

@Valentina, boy, did I ever get that wrong, read the word Designer and fell for it - I stand corrected! 

She's a "User Experience Designer" for which basically means she's there to increase revenue for Floorplanner which may involve driving users of Roomstyler to the other side.

Theadora 1h ago
Theadora - 42m ago

Hi kitty,

I signed up with Floorplanner years ago to design our retirement rancher but found it not enjoyable - tried again months ago hoping I'd like it better after all the improvements but nope. I'm comfortable at Roomstyler and can't be bothered learning new tricks. I did ask Jeroen Bekkers on another Forum thread if there was going to be a fee but got no answer sooo since we'll have to pay for the privilege of using Floorplanner I don't think there will be a lot of Roomstyler regulars moving their designs over to that site. It's obvious that Floorplanner is only for professionals and hobbyists who can afford it. 

Roomstyler has never really put any effort into monitoring the contests and I don't expect that to change. I totally agree that it's not fair but we'll just have to grit our teeth and put up with it.

Orionaute is right, (and I have mentioned this several times) - there are people with several accounts who will often put more than 1 design in a contest, 1 specifically seems to be quite accepted and always does well with both designs. I'm surprised you haven't noticed the similarity in designer names and design styles. I always make sure these people never get a like or vote from me no matter how good their design is.

It would not be to Roomstyler's advantage to do something about it by ferreting these people out. "People like us" don't bring in the money but designs (whether by professionals or not) that win contests are good for advertising. 

Theadora 42m ago