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Nico Langeveld - 23d ago
Contest - Orange Carpet

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Loca910 - 22d ago

Hi. Can I paint the walls?

Loca910 22d ago
Designs I Love - 22d ago

You can decorate (paint) the walls.  You just can not make architectural changes (changing wall height or length, adding/removing windows or doors or changing the measurements or the location....etc)

Valentinapenta - 22d ago

Whew, Nico,  talk about a challenge.  That's some ugly  wall to wall carpeting.  If this is a real property, I would strongly suggest the owner rips it out immediately, and replaces it with a nice hardwood. LOL.

Valentina I agree with you. This carpeting is such a "damn" ugly gold color. I too would have the owner rip it out before I sign that purchasing or rental agreement. But it DOES make it more of a challenge.........

Question: Can we change the kitchen floor????

lovedsign - 22d ago

ewwww! orange carpet??????????

lovedsign 22d ago
Valentinapenta - 22d ago

Lydia,  I don't see why we can't change the floor.  The brief only says not to change the carpeting.  The kitchen floor certainly doesn't add to the "attractiveness" of the place. 

Why does it have to be ORANGE carpet? All though this does seem to be fun!

Teri Dawn - 22d ago

lol I love you guys! You make my day!

Teri Dawn 22d ago
JarvisLegg - 22d ago

Can we change the trim on the windows and doors?

JarvisLegg 22d ago

Love you too Terry!


Yes you can change the trim on the windows. The only thing you can't change is the carpet and the architecture 

JarvisLegg - 22d ago

Okay, thanks!

JarvisLegg 22d ago

No problem!


Thank you Valentina, for taking the time to answer me!!!

Nico Langeveld - 19d ago

yes people I know the carpet is ugly. that's the challenge here :-) to make it work. I'm sure, after the contest you'll all love the orange carpet, wouldn't want anything else  :-P

LB1981 - 19d ago

Haha, I definitely love a challenge!

LB1981 19d ago
LB1981 - 19d ago

Nico - is it ok to change the opening in between the two rooms to one with a frame rather than the plain rectangular opening?...... (I mean with the same dimensions as the opening that's currently there)

LB1981 19d ago
Nico Langeveld - 18d ago


EmilyEmilyEmily - 18d ago

my scroll bar isn't working and I've tried reloading many times : (

EmilyEmilyEmily - 18d ago


Valentinapenta - 18d ago

Just couldn't do it.  I have a long way to go, but at least the orange carpet is gone.  LOL

Theadora - 18d ago

Hilarious, kudos to you Valentina! 

I don't care for this 70's colour either but H&G (amongst others) seems to think otherwise... ;D  

Theadora 18d ago
JarvisLegg - 18d ago

Can someone critique my room? I finished it, bt something seems to be missing. Just go onto my thing and leave a comment please.

JarvisLegg 18d ago
Valentinapenta - 18d ago

Burnt orange - goes to show the old saying,  everything old is new again, Theodora.   Here's hoping fuzzy toilet seat covers don't make a comeback.

Nico has outdone himself with this challenge.   My hat's off to him.

Theadora - 18d ago

I guess since orange happens to be the Dutch national colour it was the logical choice ... lol 

Theadora 18d ago

Hi Nico,

I hereby apologize for the comments I made on the color of the carpet. As I said, the carpet will be a true challenge. I am almost finished with the room (will post Sunday evening or Monday morning)and I LOVE the result in spite of or BECAUSE of the carpet.  Lydia Bell

SammyJPili - 17d ago

Can you guys please check out my design and critique it? What works? What doesn't? Any constructive comments help.

SammyJPili 17d ago
SammyJPili - 17d ago

It's the one with the "Home Sweet Home" on the wall, by the way.

SammyJPili 17d ago
Theadora - 17d ago

We usually don't critique other people's designs, since this is a contest it wouldn't be fair to the other participants.

Theadora 17d ago
Loca910 - 17d ago

Hello. Can someone critique my room? :)

Loca910 17d ago
Theadora - 17d ago

See my comment above.

Theadora 17d ago
RoomstylerSusan - 16d ago

How do you get rid of your entry? I want to change it a little bit but it won't work.

Theadora - 16d ago

Go to the contest page. Click on the green box on your design that says "Withdraw". After you make your changes, make sure your design is public and re-enter it into the contest. :) 

Theadora 16d ago
RoomstylerSusan - 16d ago

I made a room and entered it but then I wanted to change it, so I withdrew it and changed it but now I can't enter it again. HELP!

RoomstylerSusan - 16d ago

Never mind. I fixed it. :)

RoomstylerSusan - 15d ago

I was confused before because I couldn't find my design but it all worked out.

Theadora - 15d ago

You'll have to take it out and change it again. 

You added a wall opening - part of the brief states: "So you have to use the orange carpet and keep the architecture of the room (walls, doors, windows, ceiling) as it is." 

Theadora 15d ago
LB1981 - 14d ago

I've flagged a couple of designs in the contest that have openings in the dividing wall that weren't in the original and one that has even put a glass wall in instead - it's not fair that these entries are allowed to remain in the contest getting likes (and votes) when they don't follow what's explicitly laid out in the brief. There's one design with a sky-light too which is a pretty drastic structural change. It happens over and over again with every contest and a few of us comment on it over and over again... It's so frustrating.

LB1981 14d ago
kitty - 14d ago

Agree. whats the point in flagging when it gets ignored?

The whole point in having a contest with a brief is to answer the brief not ignore it.

imagine employing an interior designer and having them totally disregard the brief?

Well they wouldn't get paid just as these people shouldn't be allowed to get likes and votes.

kitty 14d ago
Nico Langeveld - 14d ago

I check the flagged entries several times for the contest and pull some out that really don't fit the description. Just did so with some. Will check them later again. thanks for the flagging

Theadora - 14d ago

Again, part of the brief: "keep the architecture of the room (walls, doors, windows, ceiling) as it is." 

This means that Roomstyler would need to remove all designs with architraves, beams, added barn doors, door shutters, non electric fireplaces, sky-light, ceiling pipes, pillars and designs with templates that have been changed to accommodate build-ins or a better camera view or just for the heck of it.

It's amazing how many people didn't bother to follow the brief, these contests are turning into a bit of a joke - I'll have to be very careful with my votes.

 I doubt they will be removed, there wouldn't be many left.....

Theadora 14d ago
kitty - 13d ago

I've noticed that a great deal of people appear to have also widened the opening between the two rooms.

At first I thought it was a trick of the eye and the camera angle made it look wider but I'm almost certain the opening is wider than in the template.

kitty 13d ago
kitty - 13d ago

I don't know why I'm even getting worked up over this tbh..I've decided to withdraw my entry as there seems little point in being in it. 

Sadly the winner will no doubt be a design where the carpet is mainly covered with rugs or barely visible in the image!

kitty 13d ago
Theadora - 13d ago


You've been here longer than I have - can you remember a time when the contests were fair? Really only during the very first years when FRANKHAM and Sylvia Ast and the rest of us oldies were having a great time joking around and having silly discussions (and some serious ones too) but when I arrived the problems had already started.

Remember this moodboard contest FRANKHAM organized 9 years ago? You could only use 6 or 7 items, great fun, unfortunately the silence is still deafening.


I don't really give a flying fig if I ever win anything but I sure am careful who I give my likes and votes to, that's really all you can do.....and keep complaining... Maybe one day Roomstyler will smarten up and do something to improve the contests.

Don't let all this stop you from participating, just enjoy the experience of designing and other people's wonderful designs, keep flagging and keep voting for designs that deserve your vote!

Hope Jeroen Bekkers reads this and takes the time to update us on Roomstyler's (not Floorplanner's) future.


Theadora 13d ago
kitty - 13d ago

@Theadora indeed I can remember those halcyon days.  

Contests were fun and the winners were usually voted for by the 'MyDeco' staff or the brands who set the contests therefore making the voting much fairer and less of a 'popularity contest' and more about who answered the brief in the most creative or stylish way.

I know I'm old enough that it shouldn't bother me when my rooms get ignored but lately I've found it somewhat soul destroying designing rooms to briefs spending whole evenings labouring over them and then getting maybe only a handful of likes 

I won't go into 'votes' I've actually lost hope of winning any contest that isn't actually voted on by a brand sponsor.

I originally only started entering the contests to stretch myself and experiment with designs outside of my 'usual' style, and also to actually re-introduce myself to a larger and new audience having left the site for a few years (lets say life got in the way hence the break)

I've become frustrated by the lack of friendliness on the site of late.. its not the supportive encouraging site it once was-aside from among us older members.

This week I did something for the orange carpet comp and then after having entered it just thought 'why do I bother?' 

I was going to design a room just for fun but again I felt it was a bit pointless because no one will like it anyway, tbh I think my confidence has taken a knock


I'm going to stop designing for a week (if I can last that long!) and see how I feel and wait for inspiration to strike! X

kitty 13d ago
PenAndPaper - 10d ago

Two things. 

1. Yick! Orange carpet! 

2. I've been doing some voting and keep seeing carpet on carpet. What's going on with that? Is that a thing? 

PenAndPaper 10d ago
Valentinapenta - 10d ago

Yes.  It has been for quite some time.

starsector - 10d ago

Hi Kitty, ever since Roomstyler added the new features of light control (directional sunlight, intensity of light, light fixtures) as well as the ability to choose zoom or normal over the default wide angle, designs that incorporate interesting and artful lighting effects tend to be the most popular and do well in contests.  

There are members who have really mastered these features and present their rooms with an 'artistic' photo.  They've really raised the bar for the rest of us, lol.

starsector 10d ago
Teri Dawn - 10d ago

So many  fun designs with a not-so-bad-now orange carpet ;)

Teri Dawn 10d ago
Theadora - 10d ago

Very disappointed by members who decided that following the brief did not apply to them.  Will stop following them. 

Theadora 10d ago
Teri Dawn - 10d ago

I do rug on carpet. Maybe it's a Cali thing ,) @kitty I understand what you are saying about not showing much of the carpet. I kind of did that but I really tried to highlight the orange and I worked hard at making the light just right to shine on the bits I let show. I wasn't necessarily trying to hide it, but I wanted to add to it and compliment it. I am always challenged and love the whole process. 

Teri Dawn 10d ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 9d ago
I can't find my design in the competition! Where it is?

LB1981 - 9d ago

My design is also missing from the contest.

It was there before and I can't understand why anyone would've flagged it for removal because I really did follow the brief - I always make sure I'm truly following the brief (lol). I didn't make any changes to it after entering the contest, so that's not the reason.

What's going on? I'm so disappointed!!

LB1981 9d ago
starsector - 9d ago

Hi Kitty and Teri, the brief says to keep the focus on the furnishings and decor, so I'm thinking that rugs on carpet are perfectly fine.  I think the whole point was to find a way to work with the ghastly orange and that's what many people would do in real life.  But Nico was right, we do kinda love the orange now :)

starsector 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago

"keep the architecture of the room (walls, doors, windows, ceiling) as it is." 

Please note: All designs that changed the architecture of the template by using beams or any other architectural modification have been removed.

This contest was about decorating - not renovating.

"Focus on the furniture and decoration."  

Theadora 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago

I was mistaken, there are still plenty of designs left in this competition that have altered the dimensions of the template.

Theadora 9d ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 9d ago

Theadora! The beam was needed for the built-in cabinets and like the shelf above the cabinets. As well as the other beam above the curtains, it wants to be a cornice because there is no such in the program, I have to use this! There are no a lot of basic things in the program, I don't understand why no? I try to replace these missing things with something like a beam. But there are no different sizes, which would be very necessary, and of course adjustable in height! In my case, the beam did not serve as a beam! So I didn't break the rules!

ZsuzsannaCs - 9d ago


Use the template room and try to make a nice home using the orange carpet and these 2 connected rooms. So you have to use the orange carpet and keep the architecture of the room (walls, doors, windows, ceiling) as it is. Focus on the furniture and decoration. Good luck! 

That was the description of the competition! Only this is described here..    keep the architecture of the room (walls, doors, windows, ceiling). 

Nothing more!

LB1981 - 9d ago

I didn't consider adding beams to be in breach of the contest brief. I count them as decorations. I thought with these templates it was about keeping doors and windows and walls and openings as they are, working within that specific space, but that it didn't exclude trims, cornices, beams etc as they're decorational like any fixtures and fittings. Having a room without any of these items often leaves it looking stark and cold - maybe that's part of the challenge but I personally don't think these sorts of things should mean removal from a contest.

I'm all in support of following the brief, really truly I am, I have voiced my annoyance and frustration on the message boards about this issue along with several other members.... but fixtures and fittings make a room more realistic without changing the basic design we all have to work from .

I'm actually a bit upset about this now. I think this is really unfair. Having always taken so much care to follow briefs when so many members disregard the requirements and then go on to get plenty of likes and votes is really very discouraging. The Living Wall contest has designs that clearly do not fulfill the brief of having a LIVING WALL in the office space. One is even just a close up of a side table and some art pictures - no living wall in sight and yet it's made it through to voting.

What's the point in even bothering??

LB1981 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago

A brief is a brief - to make a contest fair everyone should adhere to it.

Theadora 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago

Oxford Dictionary of English:

Beam - a long, sturdy piece of squared timber or metal used to support the roof or floor of a building.

Theadora 9d ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 9d ago

LB1981.. Unfortunately, I do not understand well what you wrote! I use the translator, but such a way nor!

LB1981 - 9d ago


Umm I know what a beam is, but thanks so much for spelling it out for all of us. I also know what a brief is! Haha! I maintain that beams are decorational - these days they don't need to be a functional part of a building, they're often added for aesthetics, which is kind of what this entire site is about - the aesthetics of a room.

It's pretty pointless participating in contests when designs are getting flagged and removed for something like beams in my case, but others with glaringly obvious breaches of the design brief, like changing the size and shape of openings  (and no living wall in the Living Wall contest!) are allowed to remain.

The brief said "keep the architecture of the room (walls, doors, windows, ceiling) as it is" - I really don't believe adding trims/coving/decorational beams is changing the architecture. But there are designs remaining that have altered the colour of the ceiling, one that has a different design of door in the smaller room and one that appears to have removed that door entirely.... totally unfair!

LB1981 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago


We are the ones who need to point out (by flagging) when a design does not follow the brief. Flagging itself does not remove a design from the contest. It brings it to the attention of Roomstyler staff who review the design and it is up to them to remove it or not.

Designs that don't get flagged stay in the contest - it would be a full-time job for Nico if he had to check each individual design himself. 

It's Roomstyler's interpretation of the brief that matters, not mine.

Theadora 9d ago
LB1981 - 9d ago

I know how flagging works lol. My main point is this - if these template contests are going to be held to such rigid standards that adding beams gets you disqualified but only if someone flags the design whilst other designs are allowed to remain, then  that's unfair! If the rules are indeed that rigid then they should be explicitly stated - no beams, no coving, no skirting boards, no window trims, no partitions, no screens, no bookcases that could be used as room dividers, no changes at all in door style etc. Having only some designs removed and not others when the 'rules' seem to be so randomly applied is not fair.

Maybe there should be a group of us to patrol the contests making sure everyone has stuck to the brief? Is it my responsibility to remember to go through every contest thread on the last day before voting and flag every one that I think breaks the rules?  I don't know.  I feel designers really missing the point of contests like this one, barely showing any orange carpet at all, are much further from the true spirit of the brief than me adding some beams!

LB1981 9d ago
kitty - 9d ago

@Starsector I agree the rooms that have the  strongest most beautifully lit 'photo' images are the ones who do well in contests and deservedly so to my mind.

I think my weakness is I always want to show the whole space, and design and furnishings as much as possible and it doesn't make for an appealing image.

there are such beautiful images on some peoples profile pages, somehow I doubt mine will ever be as beautiful and have such visual appeal! 

kitty 9d ago

Kitty, there is a saying in English "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! Starsector offered good guidelines as to what designs garner the most "likes" and votes. The only thing to do, if you want to win, is to adopt some of those techniques etc. I too love to design the whole room vs just one close-up corner and can't get to seem away from it, but maybe we have to adapt???

LuzMa HL - 9d ago

Hi, everybody.

I read some of the comments in this thread, and there's one comment in particular that I disagree with. It's from Theadora:

"Again, part of the brief: "keep the architecture of the room (walls, doors, windows, ceiling) as it is."

This means that Roomstyler would need to remove all designs with architraves, beams, added barn doors, door shutters, non-electric fireplaces, sky-light, ceiling pipes, pillars ..."

Well, I understand that we have to take this space as if we're designing for a real place, in real life. I get it. We're not allowed to make structural changes to this space, BUT we can add some decorative (fake) features. Fake architraves, fake beams, fake pillars... all of them are handy regular decorative elements. They add interest to a boring rectangular space. They are fake, they are decorative elements and, therefore, not against the rules.

A different thing is a skylight, for instance, which implies to make a hole in the ceiling. Or changing the dimensions of the room, adding/deleting windows or doors, etcetera.

But as long as we add "cosmetic" features, I assume we are following the rules. 

My two cents, guys.

Greetings :)

LuzMa HL 9d ago
Mum Dali - 9d ago

@Theadora: Is there really such a big difference between beams and coving ?????  Both are arcitectureal items... i saw you used coving ! (walls, doors, windows, ceiling) as it is !!!!! Do you think that is is ok, to make other designers being flagged while you did the same chance with the room ? To make them feel disappointed ?   Anyway, like you said: Very disappointed by members who decided that following the brief did not apply to them. Will stop following them . So will I do ... I really dont know where your motivations are coming from to talk that hard to other people ... i am german, please excuse my bad english

Mum Dali 9d ago
LuzMa HL - 9d ago

Hi, Mum Dali.
I've can't find my submitted design, I guess it has been taken out. Like you said: very dissapointing. 


LuzMa HL 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago

@Mum Dali

The purpose of flagging is that of fairness, nothing personal is implied, it is merely an act to bring the design to the attention of Roomstyler for review.

I concede that many aspects may be open to interpretation (for example: I follow Wikipedia's interpretation that molding is not "architectural": )

Roomstyler's interpretation is what ultimately matters, not mine.

The badmouthing behind people's back is disappointing and childish.

Theadora 9d ago
LuzMa HL - 9d ago

You know what a big persona is? Someone who doesn't feel intimidated by the others creations. Someone who looks at those fantastic designs and feels pumped to create even better designs, capable of win without to resource to low moves as flagging to take them out of their way.

Yeah, that would be a great persona....

LuzMa HL 9d ago
Mum Dali - 9d ago

@LuzMaHL and Theadora and the rest of you : I will not wonder about the Day that the roomstyler team will stop making contests at all :(  I all the time thought this is for fun, for hobby, for relaxing, for inspiring each other, for healing, for been creative, for spending time being creative..... spending time with people all doing the same, living there lifes, having problems ( less ore more ) every day; I thought we are that big RS familiy... In Germany there is a saying: If you have a family, you dont need ememies. I sadly feel like this right now :(

Mum Dali 9d ago
Mum Dali - 9d ago
@LuzMaHL:  absolutly agree with you, thanks for these great words <3
Mum Dali 9d ago
LB1981 - 9d ago

@LuzMa HL @Mum Dali
Thank you for your comments, I was beginning to think I was going crazy!

@kitty @lydia

I too share your issue - I'm so eager to get everything I want into the room so the camera gets pulled further out and more details added... but when it comes to contests, simple shots with great lighting and closer camera seems to be the way to go. I don't want to enter contests just to win - it's the designing process I enjoy, and I try to remind myself of this.


So how is it ok for you to use coving but I can't use beams? It's ridiculous. Using the definition from Wiki is a bit extreme.  I think you're a great asset to this site, you're incredibly helpful and I value your input. But I am shocked by this contest and how you think it's ok for you and not for others.... going so far as to flag designs like mine with beams (I'm not saying it was you specifically that flagged my design!) when you've altered your ceiling by adding coving - it's a total double standard and totally unfair.

LB1981 9d ago

@ Mum Dali

Your above answer to Theadora can only be followed with two words: WELL DONE!!! My design had disappeared as well, and I have no doubt that it was Theadora who flagged it, and I agree with you, that with all these petty arguments and agreements RS management may well stop the contests. This controversial discussion about something that is supposed to be fun and recreational, and a healing activity for those who are stricken with a permanent illness, is beginning to remind me of a Kindergarden class of 4 and 5-year olds.  

kitty - 9d ago

Hi Guys,  

I think that rather than everyone getting upset at Theadora if you don't agree with her using coving (or anyone else who has included architectural embellishments in their designs for that matter) then just don't vote for that design in the contest.

As she stated she didn't remove the designs which are no longer in the final cut, Roomstyler decided they broke the rules and removed them.

There are thousands of members on this site so I personally feel one can only assume that the flagged designs were flagged by lots of community members not just one person in order for the room styler staff to consider their withdrawal from the contest.

I totally understand how upsetting this is having in the past had an entry removed from a contest when I really couldn't see what I'd done wrong against others that remained to the final vote and to my mind had definitely bent the rules (it was a long since gone balcony design contest).

But I feel this is becoming a witch hunt and is actually becoming a bit to nasty and personal.

Again this is why I WISH the Roomstyler staff would vote for winners in the contests.

It would stop all this bickering and ill feeling amongst members, and the like for like mentality of votes

kitty 9d ago

@ Theadora, 

I rarely post on the forum, especially when it takes on the tone that you have created. I have one question to you: Who exactly appointed you the RS police? Judging from the comments above, I think you have upset and discouraged a whole number of people with your words and actions.  Even worse, instead of contributing to a spirit of  camaraderie, you have created an atmosphere of acrimony. This is truly a shame, since in general you are very helpful to many, newcomers and old timers alike. I suggest you relax and lay off other people's designs and exercise more tolerance of their small infractions.   Concentrate your energy instead  in positive ways, as suggested by the comment of a newcomer named LuzMa HL: Try to be a BIG PERSONA!

@ LuzMa HL

Well said!!! I also agree with you on the fake beams, architraves etc.  They do NOT constitute architectural changes and there was no reason to label entries with these features as violating the rules, at least in my opinion.  (BTW, MY entry, which featured architraves, was removed as well) They are or can be as fake as an electric fireplace, and often are, especially the ones featured on RS. As Mum Dali said, with all these constant complaints to the management, we may well find ourselves without any contests.

LB1981 - 9d ago

I love being part of a creative community and learning from the other designers here. Contests and likes are  all silly meaningless internet points in the end and it's the designing and being inspired by others that I really love. I shouldn't have been so catty/sarcastic about the definition of beams being explained to me above but frustration got the better of me in my disappointment at being removed from the contest.

Theadora I didn't mean to direct all my anger at you or pick on you in particular. As I said above I hugely value the contribution you make to this site. I see that you were trying to objectively explain why designs were removed and how that process works and in my anger I responded in a less than adult fashion. I am however very disheartened by the way this contest has ended up. If the flagging of designs is random depending on who bothers to check, then that's inherently unfair when designs breaking rules are allowed to continue and receive votes. The apparent double standard that this then creates (in what is or isn't considered architectural changes in this instance - don't get me started on the Living Walls contest!!) seems doubley unfair. Since your design could equally have been seen to have broken the rules and mine had been removed but yours hadn't, the fact that you were disagreeing with me in this thread meant I directed my comments to you specifically.

I don't know what the solution to all this will be. I wish those designers who either blatantly bend the rules with their designs or don't enter into the spirit of a contest (like leaving only the smallest area of orange carpet showing!), would be less selfish and more thoughtful in their designing.

I don't wish to cause tensions, to insult anyone or make anyone's life difficult. The various issues surrounding contests have been ongoing and I think one of my designs being removed made me get more invested in this than I should have been.

LB1981 9d ago
Sue Bonstra - 9d ago

 My design  must have been red flag  and was removed from the contest !SO I guess better get  new reading glass! But I did vote !

Mum Dali - 9d ago

Hope that we can come back to normal !!!! See, what is is actually happening  to Mother Earth !!!! :(  Dont we have enough problems ? , cant we live together as friends ??? Its only our Hobby, its fun and relaxing... so let go, .. hope we 'll find better days tomorrow, together <3

Mum Dali 9d ago

I say enough is enough.  This is suppose to be fun people.  In my opinion, if it's not fun for you anymore, you need to look for something else.  As for me, the contests have sometimes frustrated me, but I figure the damn site is free.  I'll enjoy it while I can.

starsector - 9d ago

I totally agree, the site is free and is a wonderful creative outlet.   Contests, especially ones with 'prizes' can certainly raise the stakes and change the atmosphere.  But a few days after they end, no one really pays much more attention to what rooms placed where in the contests.  At best, 10 people won some free credits to make some more rooms to enter into more contests...nothing really so important that we should damage our shared spirit on this site ;)

starsector 9d ago
starsector - 9d ago

I hope everyone here will continue designing and even entering contests!  I really enjoy challenging myself to see if I can 'execute' my vision, but more than anything, I enjoy seeing all the delicious eye candy from the members here.  Such amazingly creative and kind people on this site who are always an inspiration to me :)

starsector 9d ago
kitty - 8d ago

@starsector well said.

kitty 8d ago
husky2 - 8d ago


husky2 8d ago
starsector - 6d ago

Congrats to all the participants, so many amazing designs.  Do we all love Orange carpet now ?  :)

starsector 6d ago
LuzMa HL - 6d ago

Actually, this content left a bitter orange taste to some of us.

LuzMa HL 6d ago