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Nico Langeveld - 23d ago
Contest - Living Office Wall

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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bnu - 22d ago

Great idea for a contest ! I've just recently got into designing green walls :) 

bnu 22d ago

Nice! This seems fun! Can't wait to try it!

Hi guys, where can I find hanging plants? Something that can be on the wall and looks real. Thanks

Look up ivy


Teri Dawn - 10d ago

This one was too hard to figure out for me but I loved seeing all the great designs! I would love to work in a green environment!

Teri Dawn 10d ago
luna smith - 9d ago

ive used a few room making applications/sites before and wanted to try out roomstyler. I made a room for this contest and thought my submission went in, however, it is not on the page- any ideas what happened/ what i may have done wrong? 


luna smith 9d ago
Theadora - 8d ago

With regular contests you can not submit a design after voting has started. 

With IP contests there is no voting involved and you can submit until the last minute.

Theadora 8d ago
luna smith - 8d ago

I submitted before it said voting had started, however, I did not see it on the page

luna smith 8d ago
Theadora - 8d ago

I'm sorry, but then I've no idea what happened. :(

Theadora 8d ago
AlocinB - 8d ago

mm- ill make sure to double check next time :) new contests look fun! thanks anyways

AlocinB 8d ago
Theadora - 8d ago

Oh, did you make sure your design was set to "public"?

Theadora 8d ago
luna smith - 5d ago

my bad- answered on friends account- i thought was on public. I think I may have edited again or something... not sure...

luna smith 5d ago
luna smith - 5d ago

will try again with some of the new ones

luna smith 5d ago