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Jade Autumn - 2m ago
Reporting/flagging designs?

We have a new room thief.  They've taken several designers' rooms as their own, either making zero changes or very, very few.  How do you report them/the rooms/whatever?

I'm really, really, really upset about this.  I work too hard on my rooms (as a form of therapy, I have Asperger's and C-PTSD) to have someone come along and steal them.  I mean if I have to I'll just go set everything to private and be done with it, but they're taking other designers' rooms too.  And that's just rude.  I really wish there was a way to keep this from happening because I've seen some thieves cop an attitude when called out and it's not fair to the original designer.

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Theadora - 2m ago

Hi Jade, 

Just saw this - nothing we can do about it. When you sign up with Roomstyler you agree that as soon as you make your design public it's available to anyone,

 Roomstyler presents this copying of a design as a learning tool - unfortunately with minor changes it's more often used to garner likes and undeserving votes in contests.    

This site has the explicit intent of sharing designs, and has been developed/designed to encourage and facilitate duplication.



Theadora 2m ago
Jade Autumn - 2m ago

I just finished going through all my rooms and fixing them so they're all set to private.  I am sick of thieves on here.  I had a room I worked really, really hard on get stolen by someone, and yes I called them out on it.  Not that anyone will give a  flip ... most of them have attitudes when you call them out.  I mean, how dare someone have the audacity to tell a thief they stole their design ... 

When I was new on RS, I would always remix other designs and change nothing. I think it has something to do with popularity and not knowing what to do. I stoped about 6 or 7 months ago.  But, now I'm seeing the same thing happening with other people, and it makes me mad. Are you guys sure there is nothing we can do?

Theadora - 2m ago

Hi Jade,

The way to report copied designs in a contest is by flagging them (bottom right of the "design"). Nico has removed some in the past but he can only do that when you name names in the corresponding forum thread (otherwise he'll be looking for a needle in a haystack).


Unfortunately there is not a whole lot we can do about copies floating around except put a comment on them and hope it will deter the rest of the members from giving it undeserved likes/votes.

When I first started (almost 10 years ago) I agreed to the Terms&Conditions (that public rooms are basically up for grabs by anyone using this site) so have never had a problem with "letting go" of my designs - as far as I'm concerned they were never mine to start off with and when I'm done with them I rarely look back (unless I need the name of an item or they fit the brief of a contest).

I'm a bit of an oddball on all this since I do mostly room make-overs and find it rather a compliment when someone I helped out copies their room back. ;)

What does bother me a lot is the inherent dishonesty of people who have the gall to copy and display other people's designs as their own and the people who give likes/votes (often to thumbnails) without checking them out first.

You're not the first one who's gone private or has left this site altogether because of copiers and unfortunately you won't be the last since there is no "fix" for this problem.

Theadora 2m ago
Theadora - 2m ago

Btw Looks like the copier has made the copies you commented on private.

Theadora 2m ago
Jade Autumn - 2m ago

Theadora, well at least she did that.  Still.  It's just hurtful to see someone take your work, something you felt like you could be proud of, and claim it as their own.  It makes it worse when they can remove your comments so that no one sees them - a lot of people just love a room without seeing if it's an original or not.

I think I have an option though.  I'll work on that today.  I'd like to see someone copy what I have in mind ...

Theadora - 2m ago

Ha, I'll keep an eye on you, love to see what you have in mind! :)

Theadora 2m ago
Theadora - 2m ago

Awesome, such a simple solution, you're happy and we can still enjoy and like  your designs!  You could probably post them in contests too! Smart thinking! :D

Theadora 2m ago
Jade Autumn - 2m ago

I've seen others do it, and now I understand why.  So yes, a simple solution for people trying to take credit for others' work.

Joanne Galle_680 - 1 month ago

unfortunately,  when you sign up with Roomstyler remixing rooms is part of this.  you can learn and get new ideas from other users.  I think its great when someone takes a room I design and remixes it.  Isn't this why we are here to have fun and learn and share?  Maybe those that do not want to share can simply go to another site where you can keep your designs private.  Also every design that someone uses from someone else it clearly shows who the original designer is.

Joanne Galle_680 1 month ago
Theadora - 1 month ago

@Joanne Galle_680

Copying rooms to learn/get new ideas from and keeping them private out of respect for the original designer is a good thing.

Making them intentionally public (they are private by default - hint - hint) and presenting them - sometimes slightly changed -  as your own creation is a dishonest thing to do. Whilst the accreditation box appears on copies, a lot of people give likes to thumbnails (which don't show the accreditation box).


It also happens on a regular basis that someone submits a design to a contest that has been painstakingly copied piece by piece in order to avoid having their submission rejected.

There are some people on this site who are dishonest and/or find dishonest behaviour acceptable. I believe the majority of  people on this site find this behaviour deplorable and do not appreciate having their designs hijacked.

Theadora 1 month ago
Joanne Galle_680 - 1 month ago

See here is the thing.. Roomstyler (does give everyone the option-hint-hint) to publicly present any design that they remix, and like I said before this is part of what roomstyler allows people to do.     If you feel that strongly about someone using your designs this probably isnt the site for you.  I dont think people do it to try and get credit for someones design, because like I also said before all of the designs publicly presented  clearly show who the original designer was, if it did not show this then maybe I could see people getting upset.  

I can understand not everyone agrees with this (even though they did agree when they signed up) With that being said maybe another site would be a better option for those individuals, because this site probably isnt where they are wanting to post their designs.        Just sayin..

Joanne Galle_680 1 month ago
kitty - 1 month ago

@Joanne Galle_680 You are missing the point.

The point is that it is unfair to the original designers to copy their designs (often with minute changes) and enter the copy into competitions or using it to garner 'likes'.

The Remix option has been there for a long time however it has been within the last year or so that newer unscrupulous members have been using the function not to 'learn' but to win contests and followers and likes.

As formerly stated the original designers name shows in a small box and when liking thumbnails this box is not seen (by thumbnails we mean un-enlarged images if english isn't your first language and you need clarification)

Therefore people may be unclear that the design is not an original.

Its actually quite insulting to say " Well if people don't like their designs being copied they should go elsewhere"

This site should be about creativity, people showing their talent as designers, using their imagination.

I Pity people that  copy other peoples designs and think they're 'clever' for getting likes and votes that way......Just sayin......

To add to this I would suggest that going Forward Roomstyler actually disable the function to make re-mixed rooms public.

Only activating the function when we have to remix a template in order to enter a contest like the IP contests where the original template was by Deborah for instance.

kitty 1 month ago
Theadora - 1 month ago

@Joanne Galle_680,

For someone who has been on Roomstyler for more than 3 years you seem surprisingly uninformed about the numerous times this subject has been discussed on the Forum these past years. I've always made it very clear that I don't care if my rooms are copied but that I feel very strongly for the members who have worked long and hard on their designs - who then have to sit back and let others take the credit for their designs?

Copying rooms to learn/ get new ideas or to find out the names of items you want to use in your design is perfectly acceptable and recommended by Roomstyler - to make them public is not necessary and to keep them private is nothing more than common courtesy.

The act of copying other people's designs and purposefully making them public for the reason of garnering votes and/or likes is not acceptable and I am quite sure that's not what Roomstyler had that in mind when they recommended people copy other member's designs.

It all comes down to common courtesy and honesty which seems to be sorely lacking in some of our members.


Theadora 1 month ago
Theadora - 1 month ago

Oops, did not see your post before posting myself. 

Well said kitty and I totally agree with you. :)

Theadora 1 month ago
Jade Autumn - 1 month ago

I'm going to be blunt here, and if it makes me a mean person I'll just have to live with that.

Taking credit for something you DID NOT DESIGN is a crappy thing to do.  It is not flattery in the least bit.  It is not nice.  It is not acceptable.

I don't care if the remix button is there or not, it does not make it okay to just take a room someone else designed, make very little or NO changes to it, and then just put it out there like you made it yourself.

IT'S NOT OKAY.  I can't make this any clearer.  It's disgusting to see YOUR design that YOU worked hard on to show to everyone as a form of "hey, I think maybe I did okay on this room" stolen by someone else and put forth as THEIR creation.

If you think this is okay to do, there is something wrong with you.  Hate me if you want, call me names, I really don't give a flying flip at this point.  I'm sick of people taking rooms they didn't make and trying to pass them off as theirs.  And you can bet that I will continue to speak out when I see this done.

Jade Autumn 1 month ago
Theadora - 1 month ago


I'm sure we've discussed the Remix option several times over the years - never an acknowledgement from Roomstyler. 

It would have to be an option otherwise I'd be in trouble and wouldn't be able to do room make-overs for other people anymore. :) 

Theadora 1 month ago
kitty - 1 month ago

@Theadora good point...and I myself use the remix function if I see an item of furniture I like or am puzzled as to how an architectural feature has been achieved.

I guess I didn't think it through when I fired off an infuriated response to Joanne's assertion that 

'those who don't like having their designs copied should leave and design elsewhere "jus sayin..." "

I guess it just goes to show how the community has evolved from being a friendly supportive place of like minded individuals of all ages with a passion for interior design (or in the spirit with which the site started...people moving home and looking for decorating ideas) to a site where its all about Likes-for-likes,winning contests, and gaining followers.

for some of the new members it appears to be  all about the above even if it means flagrantly plagiarising  other peoples designs.

Creativity and hard work does not come into it...Its beyond me how anyone can feel a sense of pride or achievement for minimum effort .

Ok many people may think my designs are 'Meh' and not worth liking or voting for but at least they're my designs and whatever anyone ultimately thinks of them at least I created them.

That is why I pity those who copy the work of others and pass it as their own.

They are pathetic individuals who should grow up.

kitty 1 month ago
Joanne Galle_680 - 1 month ago

Wow! so much anger!  LMAO!!!

Joanne Galle_680 1 month ago
Madge2017 - 1 month ago

Joanne, you are entitled to your own opinion, as we all are.  I do feel that you are enjoying stirring up trouble a little too much.  Nobody has an issue with honest remixing of rooms.  In fact, all contributors to this thread have encouraged those of us who are not as skilled to remix rooms to learn more.  The key point is that when you remix a room, and I have remixed many, they always show up set to private as default... perhaps so I can learn without taking advantage of the generosity of the original designer.  In order to make it public, I have to deliberately make it so.  I also have an issue with the copying of designs and submitting them in contests, as well as posting them as your own work.  I recall a contest, about a year ago, where a room was copied (not remixed) right down to the furniture and the arrangement, the layout, even the colours.  I have not entered a contest since.  I do not mind losing to a room that meets the parameters and is an honest submission, but Io not like competing with cheaters.   Again, like I began with, you are entitled to your own opinion, as are we all.

Madge2017 1 month ago
marinmarin - 1 month ago

Hi ! I just tested something : i tried to "steal" Meggle's design (Princess and the Peas 'one), and enter it in the Green Wall contest (it was a test so i purposefully took a design with nothing to do with the contest in case this stolen design would actually appears in the contest entry)

What i  did was putting an inflattable boat in the middle of the room, save it as mine, put it public mode and tried to enter "my" design in the green wall contest. What happened then was a message telling me i could not enter a remix design in contests, as well with a credit to Meggle. So I hope it will help you to know that you can't take someone else's credit to win a contest ! :)

Btw, Meggle's design are always gorgeous and I hope one day i'll be as talented as she is ;)

marinmarin 1 month ago
What Inspires Me - 1 month ago

I'm new so I apologize for jumping in.  When you actually click on a room, the designer's name appears at the bottom of the room.  Would it be possible that the same thing appear when you hover over a thumbnail and even in the thumbnail itself. @Marinmarin, someone correct me if I am wrong.  You can not enter a remix, but from what I have read people have went as far as to copy a room piece by piece and then take credit for it.

What Inspires Me 1 month ago

sadly i have been through this in work life. i have a mua stealing my work as hers, the sad part is the photographer is her friend, and allows it, and i have pionted it out, and the chick is getting work from it.

weird coincidences, her name is Jade. but dont worry, i am sure she isnt this Jade.

marinmarin - 11d ago

Oooh, I just understood how they proceed....

marinmarin 11d ago