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starsector - 7d ago
Create a 'sampler'

Here's a trick for 'saving' wallpapers and other 'Materials' you may want to try out.

Use the wall draw feature to create a wall outside your floorplan. Drop a door on it, then narrow it to it's smallest (to minimize space). Make multiple copies of the door and spread them across your wall stub. When you scrolling through the materials sections (wallpaper, stone, wood, tile, etc.) and find a pattern you want to save to try out, drop it on a door.

This will 'save' the patterns in your "Room Materials" tab. By putting them on doors (rather than just little wall sections) this prevents them from being erased if you use the "decorate all walls" icon. hth :)

starsector 7d ago
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That's an excellent tip.  I have use a walls and broke them into sections to test paper, but yes if you choose to decorate all walls, then it would loose everything.  I had never considered covering doors. Thank your for the tip.

LB1981 - 7d ago

Amazing! I'd never thought of that. I've been using a series of tiny separate rooms to do it with flooring but this is SO much better!! THANK YOU!

LB1981 7d ago

That is a great tip! I usually do that on walls, not doors . I sometimes also make seperate rooms called "Inspiration", that I set to private. It contains things I want to use, that I haven't got to use  yet. It works really well!