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Contest - Bohemian Living

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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kitty - 8d ago

Such a great contest!!! 

thank you 

kitty 8d ago
kitty - 8d ago

Quick question, you state a Modern bohemian interior-does this mean the room insteld has to be modern in style of architecture with bohemian styling or can it be a period property with a modern take on bohemian style?

kitty 8d ago

both is okay. good luck!

SammyJPili - 8d ago

Can I submit as many entries as I want or do I have to choose just one?

SammyJPili 8d ago

What defines Bohemian?  I've looked @ several images online and I see anything from bright, vibrant colors, to overly accesssorized (lot's of pillows, lots of plants, lots of pictures).

donella - 7d ago

SammyJPill, its one entry per designer per contest

donella 7d ago

Great contest!
This is so fun!


bnu - 5d ago

LOVING this contest! And love the modern boho style.  So many wonderful entries here. 

bnu 5d ago
Teri Dawn - 4d ago

@kitty you know I love this one!

Teri Dawn 4d ago
kitty - 4d ago


kitty 4d ago
kitty - 4d ago

@Teri Dawn...Me too!!! so my taste : )

kitty 4d ago

I saw a lot bedrooms put in this contest. I withdrew them because it's about a Livingroom. However, I just put a Bohemian Bedroom contest up, you can submit it there. We thought that having contests for different rooms in the same style up helps you hone your style skills.

LB1981 - 1d ago

That's a great idea Nico! Thank you!

LB1981 1d ago
kitty - 1d ago

Brilliant!! thanks so much Nico X

kitty 1d ago

@ SammyJPili 

According to professional designers, the Bohemian style is among the “hottest interior trends." It is also my favorite life style interior, and my condo in the alpine region of Germany is heavily trending in the Bohemian direction, with lots of color, lots of art, and lots of inviting cushions, rugs and other textiles.

The Bohemian style, as defined by the interior design industry, is widely attributed to free spirited individuals and deviates from the norm, without any decorating rules. However, there are some commonalities – colorful interiors, which are especially expressed in patterned textiles and lots of exotic accessories such as candles, lanterns, photos, art, etc., and unique flea market finds, including furniture, which are often a miss-match. There are also exotic, mostly oriental rugs on floors and walls, and lots of pillows, especially on the floor. All in all, the style is very personal, very warm and inviting and I for one, love it, especially if it contains a certain flair of sophistication and style.