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Nico Langeveld - 23d ago
Contest - Bohemian Kitchen

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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marleinxs - 22d ago

Hey guys, I wanted to ask what you all think defines a Bohemian Interior. Everybody seems to have a different understanding of it. To me it´s a lot of whites and browns, a lot of plants, neutral colors, many little accessories, wood, rugs, different fabrics, etc. You can check out my board on Pinterest here, it shows my definition of Bohemian. 

But I've seen a lot of different designs in the latest Bohemian contests. Some have a lot of different colors,  a ton of accessories and decoration etc. 

I am just curious what you guys think is a typical Bohemian style? Because I believe it is very personal.

marleinxs 22d ago
Theadora - 21d ago

Hi marleinxs, 

I think the typical Bohemian style has no limit to the amount of colour and accessories one can use.

In comparison Modern Bohemian has less colour and accessories.

and Neutral Bohemian a lot less colour and accessories. 

That's my 2 cents worth :) 

Theadora 21d ago
marleinxs - 21d ago

Oh thanks Theodora, that is a really clear description! I guess my personal Bohemian style is Neutral / Modern Bohemian then. 

marleinxs 21d ago
Theadora - 21d ago

Mine too, I find the typical Bohemian style a little overwhelming. :) 

Theadora 21d ago
marleinxs - 21d ago

Same!! So much to look at! ;)

marleinxs 21d ago
kitty - 21d ago

To me its definitely slightly more moroccan , hippy eclectic style.

Also don't forget the original Bloomsbury Set artist Bohemians (London dept store Liberty and William Morris are great examples of this kind of Bohemian style)

I would say that Your style of Bohemian is more Scandi/Hygge influenced.

Lets say a very contemporary take on the look.

I think of bohemian style as eclectic,artistic and slightly global

kitty 21d ago
fippydude - 21d ago

Kitty, I agree.  I have always thought of Bohemian as using whatever suits your fancy.  Nothing matching but everything harmonious nonetheless.

fippydude 21d ago
deemuri_co - 21d ago

I also agree with Kitty.

deemuri_co 21d ago
The traditional Bohemian style, as defined by the interior design industry, is widely attributed to free spirited individuals and deviates from the norm, without any decorating rules. However, there are some commonalities – colorful interiors, which are especially expressed in patterned textiles and lots of exotic accessories such as candles, lanterns, photos, art, etc., and unique flea market finds, including furniture, which are often a miss-match. There are also exotic, mostly oriental rugs as well as colorful fabrics on floors and walls, and lots of pillows, especially on the floor. In addition, plants and macrame art, Moroccan lamps and tables are all part of the Bohemian touch. Care should be taken to distinguish between clutter and accessories that spell "Bohemian". All in all, the style is very personal, very warm and inviting and I for one, love it, especially if it contains a certain flair of sophistication and style.

Concerning the contest , which in all cases, LR, BR and kitchen, is supposed to be in the "modern" Bohemian style, which calls more or less for a more modest and a bit less colorful approach;however, when you look at some of those interiors, whether on the contest or on Pinterest or Google, you'll find it often differs very little from the "eclectic" approach, which of course, is a mixture of styles. Although the Boho kitchen contest calls for a "modern Bohemian", I see that some of the ones posted are featuring old fashioned furniture and interiors, more in line with the traditional Bohemian than modern approach. I think as far as the contests are concerned the lines between those two are very thin, if not confusing to many.

LB1981 - 18d ago

@Kitty asked about the 'modern' aspect of the original Boho Living contest:

"Quick question, you state a Modern bohemian interior-does this mean the room insteld has to be modern in style of architecture with bohemian styling or can it be a period property with a modern take on bohemian style?" --- Nico said both is okay so I don't think anyone should be worrying too much about that aspect of the contest.

I personally went with modern architecture with more traditional colourful boho style in the Living contest and then a modern take (more neautral colours) on the boho style in the Bedroom contest. I've found it very interesting and inspiring seeing the variations in designs in these boho contests... and it's a great idea to hold multiple similar themed contests - we're all bursting with ideas and creativity it's often hard to focus that down into one room. =)

LB1981 18d ago
marleinxs - 18d ago

Yeah it is wonderful to see everyone get creative with the term 'bohemian'.  Thanks for all your answers guys, that made me understand dthe different styles a lot more. ♡

marleinxs 18d ago
kitty - 18d ago

As LB1981 says its great having contests on the same theme for different rooms...

Bohemian bathroom next please !

kitty 18d ago