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Sharon Barnes - 10d ago
Camera preview and Save as functions..

I have been unable to see previews of my design or save them for the past 12 hours, is there a problem with it?

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Theadora - 10d ago

Yes, there seems to be a problem.

I do get the preview but it looks pretty bad. Managed a "Save as" once but very slow and got a 504 error when trying a 3D photo. Guess we'll have to find something else to do until it's fixed... ;) 

Theadora 10d ago
Sharon Barnes - 10d ago

Lol, very true, sounds like a good idea! Let's see what can I go do now.... :)

RaeCam - 10d ago

it was happening to me but save as worked fine

RaeCam 10d ago
Sharon Barnes - 10d ago

All is well now, thanks tech team!