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petersohn - 7d ago
Item elevation control

Items placed on walls (for example, shelves) can have their elevation set. Others, however, always go where they please, either on the floor or on top of another piece of furniture. Some furniture, for example the aforementioned shelves, do not support putting objects on them, so if I want to put something on it, it goes to the floor instead. Is it possible to put objects on these shelves? Is it planned to have more control over the elevation of objects in the future?

petersohn 7d ago
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starsector - 6d ago

Hi petersohn, page 17 of the Roomstyler manual (page 13 of your pdf) lists the 5 types of items:

Type 1 are floor items (like rugs and pedestals)  Other objects will rest on their surface;

Type 2 are floor Furniture.  (Like couches, tables, display cases);

Type 3 are items that rest on Floor Furniture (like cushions, and other accessories).

Type 4 are Wall-attached items that can be elevated from the left hand panel.  Just click on the item and the panel on the left will open.

Type 5 are Ceiling items like light fixtures and beams.

Type 4 items (like wall-attached shelves) cannot support other items.  There are some wall attached items that you can line up with shelves that make it appear as if it's support it (search 'books for shelves', they were specially created for this purpose).

An item like a floor standing bookcase always have a programmed 'surface', usually one of the shelves, that will support accessories.

starsector 6d ago
petersohn - 5d ago

Is it intended to stay like this forever? Because it makes it incredibly difficult to do some things. Apart from not being able to populate wall-attached shelves, it is also impossible to populate items with multiple shelves.

I look at some of the designs that look really good, but when I want to create something similar, I realize that the program will not let me do that.

Then I look at the design that I liked, and see that it's done in an incredibly complicated way. But it's not only complicated, but also clutters the scene so much that it makes any other editing difficult, and often makes the scene look good from only one angle. This is the thing I don't like, and that's why I ask whether there are any plans to make editing easier in the future.

petersohn 5d ago
starsector - 5d ago

I think they're going to fix that in their sister site,, but there's no plans for here on Roomstyler, unfortunately.  ;(

starsector 5d ago
RaeCam - 5d ago

Hi Petersohn, You could put books on those types of shelves they have such a thing as wall books :)

RaeCam 5d ago