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Nico Langeveld - 28d ago
Contest - Shabby Chigue Bedroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Teri Dawn - 27d ago

You know I love this contest!

Teri Dawn 27d ago
Nova - 26d ago

I click the heart on qweed8w36e and a notification pop up saying I could not like it why did that happen?

Nova 26d ago
deemuri_co - 26d ago

Yikes, honestly if it's followed by bathroom and kitchen I think I'll shoot myself.  LOL, There are limited items to choose from and especially for the bedroom since generally the bed linens, comforter, shames, etc. are usually the main focus of shabby bedrooms. ( note- example pic of the contest) I myself have a shabby bedroom at home and I started with lots of layered bedding and worked the rest of the room form there. we have zero bedding or wonderful items like beaded fringed purses, pearls, lacy things to add in around the room.   

deemuri_co 26d ago
RaeCam - 24d ago

lol we might as well start working on the kitchens bathrooms and office

RaeCam 24d ago
LuzMa HL - 24d ago

A design called "Family friendly kitchen" is participating in this contest. A kitchen in a bedroom design contest? Seriously, take away wrong submissions, please! It's annoying to scroll down the page and find them among so many fantastic well-minded creations that are, indeed, referred to bedrooms.

Greetings and thank you in advance.

LuzMa HL 24d ago
LuzMa HL - 24d ago

RaeCam, yes!!! And a dining-room! I LOVE dining-rooms designs! :D

LuzMa HL 24d ago
deemuri_co - 24d ago

Lol, Rae.

deemuri_co 24d ago
RaeCam - 23d ago

I do love kitchen/dining room

RaeCam 23d ago
LuzMa HL - 23d ago

RaeCam. Yes, I do love designs where you can take a look of several areas at once too, but this particular one (the one I mentioned) it's not like that precisely. Let's say that this is something else....

LuzMa HL 23d ago
Theadora - 23d ago

Mike Wazowski is a troll and his account should be removed from this site.

Flag the inappropriate entries.


Theadora 23d ago
kitty - 22d ago

I flagged it and another silly one he entered in a contest nothing got done.

kitty 22d ago
Theadora - 22d ago

@kitty, I did too - maybe not enough people flagged it - or - we're back to "normal" with designs removed whenever RS peeps find the time.

 Of course there is a possibility that RS has just given up -  given the backlash from the Orange Carpet contest. I believe that was monitored more strictly because it was not a "fantasy" contest but a decorative make-over of an existing home.

Anyway, when you look at this guy's other designs, it's obvious he's trying to creep people out, RS has deleted these type of accounts in the past so hope they'll get rid of this one too.


It's important for people to keep on flagging to help RS out - you can't expect them to use their manpower to scroll through contests. 

Theadora 22d ago
RaeCam - 21d ago


RaeCam 21d ago
RaeCam - 21d ago

Also it wont let me flag anything

RaeCam 21d ago
RaeCam - 21d ago

nvm it was saying error it finally let in

RaeCam 21d ago
LuzMa HL - 19d ago

I can't wait for the Shabby bathroom and Shabby office contest!!!

LuzMa HL 19d ago
RaeCam - 18d ago

hopefully they will do them!!!!

RaeCam 18d ago
kitty - 17d ago

Shabby kitchen will be a good one too!

kitty 17d ago
RaeCam - 16d ago

l really like kitchen designs ( even tho i hardly do them)

RaeCam 16d ago
Teri Dawn - 15d ago

@LuzMa HL I am almost finished with the bathroom ;)lol

Teri Dawn 15d ago
Teri Dawn - 15d ago

@RaeCam lol! 

Teri Dawn 15d ago
Teri Dawn - 15d ago

@deemuri_co lol! I agree that it's hard to execute designs when there are so few linens. Another issue I have is with not being able to put things on shelves. It drives me mad!

Teri Dawn 15d ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 15d ago

I agree with deemuri..   There are limited items to choose from and especially for the bedroom since generally the bed linens, comforter, shames, etc. are usually the main focus of shabby bedrooms. ( note- example pic of the contest)!!!!

ZsuzsannaCs 15d ago
kitty - 15d ago

@teri Dawn not being able to put things on shelves really limits the items I use in my design  because I hate the funny look of empty shelves  and cabinets

kitty 15d ago
Teri Dawn - 15d ago

@kitty Absolutely!!!

Teri Dawn 15d ago
RaeCam - 14d ago

omg theres the kitchens lol

RaeCam 14d ago
LuzMa HL - 14d ago

Teri said: "I am almost finished with the bathroom ;)lol"

My shabby bathroom is already done, Teri. But Nico didn't open any bathroom contest! LOL!!!!

LuzMa HL 14d ago
Nico Langeveld - 14d ago

I think we'll do that one next week :)

LuzMa HL - 14d ago

Okay, then! Thank you, Nico!

LuzMa HL 14d ago
deemuri_co - 13d ago

Terry Dawn, you hit the nail on the head.  The unloadable shelves are the worst.  I was going to ask the forum to please tell me which ones we can load with items.  I feel I have earned the cheat cheat rights  if  you knew the time I have spent trying. 

deemuri_co 13d ago
LuzMa HL - 13d ago

I second the motion, Deemuri :D 

I'd like to know it too!

LuzMa HL 13d ago
LB1981 - 13d ago

It's very limiting not being able to put things on shelves - I've found I use the same pieces over and over.

The only way I know to decorate shelves is to do the table poking through the wall method using pedestals to raise. If you mix it up a bit with items that can be shifted up and down the walls it can make it easier to place items at varying heights across the shelving using different height combinations of table + pedestal you can get a good effect but you're still limited to finding tables at the right heights for the shelves. There are some wall-mounted books and I often use wall lights (turned off) that look like they could be vases or boxes. Similarly you can overlay some of the wall lights at slightly increased heights to make a stack of bowls for kitchens etc.

I've been building a 'list' room of surfaces at increasing heights all the way from the lowest I can find up to the tallest, ones that have a thin enough surface to poke through the wall but not show through a shelf... it's a long slow process though lol.

Also one thing that might be helpful is to remember any surface with curves, ie a round or oval or unusual shaped table, will still have a rectangular footprint on your room plan, so the 'empty' space around the table can be useful to raise objects without being seen.

LB1981 13d ago
deemuri_co - 12d ago

LB1981 , awesome of you to share.  I've tried the desks and things poking through the wall but that comes with its challenges for sure. Thanks again for your creative insights.

deemuri_co 12d ago