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HenkRetro1960 - 14d ago
Roomstyler crashes when changing lighting

Hi everybody, I have been experiencing some bugs and difficulties with Roomstyler latelty,

The standard setting for lighting is North-East and High, whenever I want to change this setting my internet browser freezes. Any other Roomstylists that have experienced the same?

I use Safari btw..

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kitty - 14d ago

I also use safari and I too have had problems with the browser freezing mid design over the past couple of weeks, I never noticed if it was just when adjusting lighting though because my frustration just took over!

kitty 14d ago
HenkRetro1960 - 14d ago

I hope they fix it soon.. I rarely use North East or High as my light settingĀ 

RaeCam - 14d ago

I use google and havent had ANY problems???

RaeCam 14d ago
petersohn - 13d ago

Works on Firefox too.

petersohn 13d ago
HenkRetro1960 - 18h ago

Maybe I should download a second browser then