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Nico Langeveld - 27d ago
Contest - Eclectic Bedroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Yate - 26d ago

I know the description says what eclectic is but can someone give me some ideas?

Yate 26d ago
Theadora - 26d ago
Theadora 26d ago
Yate - 25d ago

Thank you!

Yate 25d ago
jamileth jama - 24d ago

hola soy nueva

Yate - 24d ago

Hola Jamileth Jama! Soy nueva. Yo si habla español. 

Yate 24d ago
Yate - 24d ago

Feliz navidad!

Yate 24d ago

Yate, "Eclectic is a MIXTURE OF STYLES of various periods, however, not all styles or mixtures of woods are harmonious, and here is where, according to some professional designers I talked too during my magazine writing career, the "feel" comes in .  If one selects certain commonalities when pairing different styles, the eclectic combination will be relatively successful.  From what I have seen so far, most of the contest entries feature modern rooms without much of an eclectic look.  In addition, very often the votes go to interiors that appeal to the voters, regardless whether or not they adhere to the guidelines and purpose of the contest. In this respect, some of us have pointed these incongruities out time and again.  The only way to correct it would be some supervision of the entries by the contest creators, which in turn would require time they don't seem to have.

kitty - 22d ago

@lydiaenderlebell well said and very true.

kitty 22d ago
EllaWinberg - 22d ago

Hey, I finished my design a few days ago but I can not submit it to this contest even thought I didn't design it with a whitelabel or anything alse that would hinter it from being submitted. Can someone help me?

EllaWinberg 22d ago

One more thing to "eclectic".  Eclectic also doesn't mean in ONE period style, it absolutely means , a "mixture" of styles . When I checked the Google link Theadora posted above, even on the page of this link there are a whole number of so-called "eclectic" bedrooms, which in actuality just represent one period style. When one wants to do more than just a bed and a nightstand or bench, choosing various pieces and accessories  takes more time and care, but I think in the process it can be an interesting learning experience for everyone. 

I think this contest was a great choice by RS, as were the previous ones. Unfortunately, I was not in a position to participate, but I'll keep them in mind for future designs I want to do.

Theadora - 22d ago

I apologize for using a Google link to show examples of Eclectic bedrooms. Each person who Googles something gets a different result so someone looking at my link will not see what I see. I really should not be using Goole anymore for searches.

The following link is a more stable representation which shows the same result to everyone. 

Theadora 22d ago
Theadora - 22d ago


You are on

Open your design, wipe over livingspaces. in the address bar and delete.

This should bring you to 

If that does not work contact Roomstyler directly and they can change it for you.

Theadora 22d ago
EllaWinberg - 21d ago

Thanks Theadora for the Response, I actually did that before starting designing and I think my account is linked to the livingspaces whitelabel. I wrote an E-Mail to roomstyler and I still got no Response. I will try again but thank you for the quick Response!

EllaWinberg 21d ago
Theadora - 21d ago

Hi EllaWinberg

Wait a few days before sending another E-Mail. As far as I know Roomstyler staff have weekends off. :)

Theadora 21d ago
kitty - 21d ago

@lydiaenderlebell I think a lot of people are confusing 'Eclectic' style with bohemian.

Eclectic is all about a mix as Yourself and Theadora rightly pointed out.

A mix of styles, that somehow work together

kitty 21d ago

@ Kitty - You got a point there. When I look at some of my Bohemian and/or Shabby Chic designs, some of them could easily pass as eclectic, especially when I compare them to the designs in the various links Theadora suggested.  

@ Theadora, I surely did NOT mean to criticize the links you posted. To the contrary, your links saved everyone from spending all kinds of times researching the subject. Thank you! 

@ Kitty, When I look at the designs posted in the contest, you are right, some entries have a strong Bohemian character. I do think, however, that the line between eclectic and Bohemian is a bit unclear and consequently could be controversial. However, since this is not a contest with a huge monetary price, 

and since the people making the guidelines/rules are not acting as judges, as usual, entrants and entries can get away with whatever.... I want to add that this comment is not made to criticize anyone, after all, this is a hobby for all or most of us, in which  we have an opportunity to engage in an activity we love.

intdeson - 20d ago

hey people
can you tell me why the admins refuse my work from compete in eclectic room contest. it used to be a living room, but I changed it to a room with a sofa and armchair, which is legitimate for the competition, because it also includes a bed, so it is a room that has the option of sitting on the couch which is clearly seen by the mirror on the wall. I see no reason to move the product out of contest. after all, people will decide or not to vote for such a vision of the room, not depending on the administrator but on the people voting, at least it should be like that . thank you all 
this is the link of my bedroom

intdeson 20d ago
kitty - 20d ago

Hi @intdeson its a beautiful design but it isn't a bedroom design.

i know you've changed things around but it in no way looks like a bedroom design.

perhaps do a redesign?

Theres plenty of time to do that and reenter

kitty 20d ago
intdeson - 20d ago

yeah i change it, i added bed in it which is totally legit . lets say that i m living in  real life and in my apartment i have sofas in my bedroom and it looks like living room with bed and yes, for me it is bedroom. but ok. in that case they should write strict rules only bed in bedroom. i like it on my way and i agree it is not bedroom by rules, its bedroom with my rules, at the end it is my vision of the room i mean bedroom. nhf

intdeson 20d ago
starsector - 20d ago

Hi intdeson, I'm sure it's totally fine to have an 'open concept' room that  includes a bedroom space.  Your's isn't visible in the image, however.  So a small redesign or changing your camera angle to include at least a partial view of the bed should be sufficient.

starsector 20d ago
intdeson - 20d ago

tnx @starsector for a comment i will do it, change camera angle :)

intdeson 20d ago
desire_design - 18d ago

hi Nico, i was wondering if you could maybe add a few more eclectic items, it doesn't have to be soon, just soon enough, thank you for your help!

deemuri_co - 17d ago

I always believed eclectic not only meant a mix of furniture pieces it also often meant a mix of textiles-prints florals strips, as well as the room, being a bit visual busy.  

deemuri_co 17d ago
kitty - 17d ago

the dictionary definition of Eclectic is;

getting ideas, style or taste from a diverse range of sources.

That means mixing different styles together.

example-antique and modern

it could be say; Chinese and French

1930's & 1970's

minimalist and maximimalist 

@desire_design there is no such thing as an 'Eclectic item' eclectic is the way you style and mix things.

kitty 17d ago
Nico Langeveld - 17d ago

@intdeson Your design was indeed flagged and withdrawn because there was no bed in sight, so not seen as a bedroom. There will also be an Eclectic Livingroom contest soon btw. So either you can change the design a bit to include a bed or you can enter it in that contest.

EllaWinberg - 16d ago

Hello again! I have tried contacting roomstyler for days now so Maybe someone from their Team can help me deattach my account from the whitelabel livingspaces but I got no answer so far. Do you know anyone who can help?

EllaWinberg 16d ago
Theadora - 16d ago

Hi Ella,

Here is your room, Remix it and go "Save as". It should appear on your profile page just showing Because the design was yours to start with my name at bottom left will disappear and you should be able to enter it in the contest.

Theadora 16d ago
EllaWinberg - 16d ago

It didn't work, I think my account is somehow linked to livingspaces because I created my account on it. But thank you Theadora, I appreciate your help!

EllaWinberg 16d ago
bnu - 15d ago

Hi can anyone help? My entry for eclectic bedroom isn't in the competition - I'm scrolling through the entries and it's just not there. Did I not enter it ? I'm sure I did...

Was it removed ? 

bnu 15d ago
Theadora - 15d ago

Hi bnu, I don't see it either but I know it was there fit the brief so I don't understand why it has gone awol.

Theadora 15d ago
bnu - 14d ago

Hi Theadora. Thanks for looking. I remember vaguely taking it out of the comp briefly so that I could edit it (something I usually do so that the entry is public after I've made changes to the design, rather than default private) but now I'm wondering if I just forgot to upload it again. Nevermind :( 

bnu 14d ago
bnu - 14d ago

Submit the design again *

bnu 14d ago
R A I N A - 12d ago

hi guys

R A I N A 12d ago
R A I N A - 12d ago

im so excited:)

R A I N A 12d ago