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Nico Langeveld - 17d ago
Contest - Urban Jungle Bedroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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Isaacarchitect - 17d ago

this is going to be so cool!!!!!

desire_design - 16d ago

wow! such a cool contest!!!!!

RaeCam - 16d ago
RaeCam 16d ago
Isaacarchitect - 15d ago

Thats cool RaeCam!

LuzMa HL - 14d ago

So far, too much of jungle, not quite urban...

Many wonderful designs. 

LuzMa HL 14d ago
RaeCam - 14d ago

lol I had a hard time with this one by bed and walls and furniture are white and modern i think lol iim NOT good with modern

RaeCam 14d ago
Theadora - 14d ago
Theadora 14d ago
kitty - 13d ago

@LuzMa HL agree!

kitty 13d ago
Sue Bonstra - 13d ago

I'm hoping my set that I created is good!for contest is Okay!!

Sue Bonstra 13d ago
Theadora - 13d ago

Hi Sue, just my opinion - Since urban living means living in a big city, a window view should be city scenery instead of pure nature. When there's no direct outside view an enclosed garden/courtyard like you have is awesome. :)

Theadora 13d ago
Sue Bonstra - 12d ago

Hi Theodora, Thank you , I got my idea from this website  , Although I didn't used the bathroom, I chose a mural wall and enclosed garden !! #27 photo.

Sue Bonstra 12d ago
Theadora - 12d ago

You're kidding, I've been looking at the same website, absolutely love it!

Theadora 12d ago
Isaacarchitect - 12d ago


Theadora - 12d ago

Sjeesh Isaac, do you really have to put your 2 cents worth in on everything that's going on? So not necessary...

Theadora 12d ago
Isaacarchitect - 12d ago

Can anyone give me any ideas for the contest?

Isaacarchitect - 12d ago
Isaacarchitect - 12d ago


Theadora - 12d ago

You had nothing constructive to add to this discussion so don't...

Theadora 12d ago
RaeCam - 12d ago

just look up urban jungle on the web

RaeCam 12d ago
Isaacarchitect - 12d ago

Ok RaeCam, thanks

Isaacarchitect - 12d ago

Theadora please...

Theadora - 12d ago

@Isaac, There were already 3 links posted to give you ideas.

Theadora 12d ago
Isaacarchitect - 12d ago

Yes ik, but I can't find what I'm looking for, does roomstyler have any floating stairs? If they do I can't find them. 

Theadora - 12d ago


Theadora 12d ago
Isaacarchitect - 12d ago

Thanks, I don't think that they have the stairs I'm looking for. Thanks anyway.

kitty - 12d ago

@isaacharchitect instead of asking others for ideas why don't you do your own research you've been given the tools so use them.

IF you really intend to be an architect you must learn to do your own research.

you also only learn by making mistakes

kitty 12d ago
R A I N A - 12d ago

im so excited 

R A I N A 12d ago
Teri Dawn - 3d ago

I think that these "urban" contests should require an urban scenery. Otherwise, it's not truly urban.

Teri Dawn 3d ago
Theadora - 3d ago

I don't think a lot of people know what the word "urban" means and don't bother to look it up. They see the word "jungle" and it's "jungle" all the way, lol. Oh well, I've given up on flagging, voting for the true urban ones...not that it will matter...

Theadora 3d ago
LuzMa HL - 3d ago

Like I said before: wonderful designs, for sure. "Jungley"? indeed. Not urban at all many of them. I am voting on the urban ones too, despite how beautiful some designs are. 

LuzMa HL 3d ago