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JeroenBekkers - 11d ago
Roomstyler developments in 2020

Hi All,

Best wishes for 2020 and with this post I hope to give you some answers on the questions that you have been asking about the future of Roomstyler on these forums. By not being very active on the forums we have might given the impression we don’t care about Roomstyler or that it does not have a future. Both are certainly NOT the case!

As regular users have noticed correctly, there has not been a lot of new developments or new features added to Roomstyler over the past year. The main reason we have not been able to invest a lot of time in product development of the roomstyler tool is that as a small company it takes time to maintain a specific codebase. 

Over the past years we maintained 3 different tools which all basically did the same : Old floorplanner (based on flash) , New floorplanner & Roomstyler (mydeco codebase) this combined with 2 high traffic websites and different communities and customers for all these 3 codebases made that we were not able to give proper attention to all aspects of our tools and users.

We always believed it should be possible to have a tool that combines the bast features of floorplanner and roomstyler in one tool . Having 1 codebase to maintain would simplify our work a lot so more time can be spend on new features and refinements and that what we have been working on that over the past years in the form of the new version of Floorplanner.

We have been hesitant in the past to invite Roomstyler users to try out floorplanner because we knew a number of key features were missing but we have made a lot of progress in the past 6-12 months and at this moment we have implemented the majority of Roomstyler functionality. The main feature still missing is custom images on walls (but we are working on that)

Besides the familiar room styler functionalities and 3D furniture and rendering engine, there are some things in Floorplanner that you have been asking for in room styler for quite some time.Some of these are:

-Dynamic 3D preview

-2D export (incl blueprint functions)

-sloped ceilings

-real wall thickness

-Favorites (will be rolled out later this month)

and much more…

If you want you can take a quick look at or create a free testaccount to play around with the tool yourselves.

We are adding features on a regular basis and have a list of room styler features , we have not implemented yet, but we consider as a high priority.

So what does this mean for roomstyler: We think the heart of roomstyler is in the talented community and in the coming year we will provide you with a better, updated Roomstyler editor (floorplanner) to make your designs with. This will not be overnight and we will provide you with a way to import your current plans to the new tool . 

There will also be a period in which you can still keep using the old version of roomstyler for your old projects but in general we are moving to maintain only 1 editor so we can focus our attention on 1 codebase.

The website roomstyler will continue to be the showcase of the talent within the community , there might be a visual update and some much needed adjustments to the contests (more about this soon) but in general we keep things like newsfeed, public profiles, comments, forums , contests et etc and we will bring more visibility to the work of roomstyler designers to the general users of floorplanner as you will be both be using the same editor, library and rendering tech.

Moving the roomstyler editor to the the Floorplanner editor will NOT make roomstyler more expensive to use. You can make as much free projects with free SD renderings on Floorplanner as on Roomstyler. Floorplanner uses the same credits as on Roomstyler and you will be able to use all your current credits (bought or won with contests) in Floorplanner to upgrade your old or new projects for 2 credits one time fee to enable unlimited HD renderings for that specific project.

Anyway, in the coming period we’ll share more info on the contest changes and the migration and our apologies for giving you a bit earlier insight in our plans for Roomstyler.


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LuzMa HL - 11d ago


I know nothing about floorplanner, but I signed in already. 
Let the learning begins!

LuzMa HL 11d ago
marzka_28 - 10d ago

Can I upload to my own room project my own wallpaper saved on the pulpit ?

marzka_28 10d ago
marzka_28 - 10d ago

Oh, I got it now!  Thanks

marzka_28 10d ago
LB1981 - 10d ago

The is really interesting and very encouraging to read. Thanks for the update - I'm excited for the new developments!

And thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this a free tool for all of us to use! As someone with serious medical issues that mean I can't do much most days (and I know a lot of other members are in similar situations), this website has been a lifeline to me and provided an outlet for creativity that would otherwise be lost. So thank you! Happy New Year to all at RS/FP!

LB1981 10d ago
Valentinapenta - 10d ago

Thanks for the update, Jereon. I believe many of us figured this was going to happen. I remember the switch from Mydeco to Roomstyler.  Although many members (like me) were apprehensive, we made it through the transition mostly unscathed. Good luck with your endeavor and thanks for the many years of fun I've had on Roomstyler.  Hope I'll find Floorplanner as entertaining. 

Isaacarchitect - 10d ago

Wait, I'm confused, so we have to switch our accounts to floor planner?

Valentinapenta - 10d ago

Not yet.  He'll let us know.  

starsector - 10d ago

Sounds wonderful, Jeroen, thanks for the update, and for all the Team does for our favorite site!

starsector 10d ago
Raven Storme - 10d ago

I just tested out Floorplanner.

I am not a fan.

Can't put the camera where I need it, can't get the background image right, and the site lags so bad for me.

Please don't ever do away with Roomstyler.  I'm just getting the hang of things here.  I know how everything works on this site.  It doesn't lag.  I can throw a room together in less than half an hour after a stressful day.

Raven Storme 10d ago
RaeCam - 10d ago

NOOOOO I had tried floor planner before this and I hated it I dont mean to sound ungrateful but.....its so confusing for me to use i hate the camera i mean it is cool how it doesnt have to render but NOOOOOOOO

RaeCam 10d ago
JeroenBekkers - 10d ago

We are not switching overnight and some work still needs to be done in floorplanner to make you all feel at home in the new editor (like camera's shown in 2D) 

I know a number of you have tested floorplanner over the past years but as I said in my post above, we have made a lot of improvements in the last months and I there are quite a number of things , that you have been requesting for years, now possible in floorplanner.  Like multiple camera’s, saving design variants , adding txts/comments/symbols and a lot more.

If you want to see what you can do with the new editor take a look at our instagram

We do know there is lots of room for improvement and we hope your feedback will help us to make this a great tool for the roomstyler community

Sally Simpson - 10d ago

I'm not an English speaker (I'm from Spain) and I'm not sure if I have understood well.

Do you mean that roomstyler will be shut down in the future and we will have to use floorplanner instead?

I also joined floorplanner some years ago, I was testing the new features last night and I don't like it, roomstyler is much better by far.

JeroenBekkers - 10d ago

No, roomstyler will not be shut down or even drastically changed as a site or concept. We will just replace the old roomstyler editor/planner for a new one over time. The old editor/3dplanner is quite old technology (first version from 2009) and to be able to release new feature and improvement we are going to replace the 3d planner for a new version, the same as currently used on

Sally Simpson - 10d ago
Thanks for clarification, Jeroen :)

I'm also thankful  for the clarification.

Raven Storme - 9d ago

Oh, thank god I don't have to switch to Floorplanner!  Thank you for clarifying, Jeroen.

I just did a test room on Floorplanner.  Really like the different styles of doors and windows, also its ability to size furniture to the dimensions one wants.  I like the different cameras but found positioning the camera height and angle that I wanted difficult.  

I definitely want to keep using RS, I love it! I am so glad that we don't have to switch.

kitty - 9d ago

I'm with RavenStorme I really WANT to get on with Floorplanner, and I've tried it a few times but it just doesn't seem to work for me.

As someone who once dreamt of doing a course in interior design (but never had the £££££ to do so) I really want to get on with floorplanner because it looks much more like something a pro designer would use, and I love the idea of the walk thru options and multi cameras but I just cannot find anything or get to grips with feels clunky somehow.

kitty 9d ago
Theadora - 9d ago

@Jeroen Bekkers, thanks so much for your update, much appreciated. :)

Could we please have a side by side enlargeable comparison of the different rendering resolutions and qualities of Floorplanner. This will allow us to more easily compare against the current offering on Roomstyler, with which we are familiar. Regarding your Instagram link, I don't have an account which is required to view your uploads, and don't wish to have one.


In future the way you create rooms on Roomstyler is going to be the same way as you do on Floorplanner, 1 tool for both Floorplanner and Roomstyler.  It might be best if we start going to Floorplanner to practise. :)  It's a whole new ballgame and if we practise enough it might not be so difficult to adjust when it gets changed. Since they're both going to be the same I see no reason to stay on Roomstyler and will be switching when the time comes.

Theadora 9d ago
Raven Storme - 9d ago

My laptop won't let me run Floorplanner - it lags so badly and freezes randomly.  And I can't afford a new one, so ... I don't see me even trying there.  I couldn't put the cameras where I wanted them, and it locked up on me trying to "export" my room so I could even see what it looked like.

Roomstyler works perfectly for me.  Yeah, it would be great to have those doors and windows from FP on here, but not at the cost of me not being able to use the program, I'm sorry.

Thaipad - 9d ago

I tried out Floorplanner, I didn't care for it. Camera angles, look of furniture and ease of use...It doesn't come close to roomstyler at all, the features are primary. Keep Roomstyler going!!!

Thaipad 9d ago
bnu - 9d ago

Hi Jeroen,

Thank you for the update about the future of Roomstyler and Floorplanner.

Sounds like there are exciting features in the pipeline for Floorplanner, which I look forward to learning and testing out, but my question is about the photorealistic render option – am I right in thinking that a photorealistic render of a project will cost 25 credits in Floorplanner for unlimited renders? And in Roomstyler a photorealistic render currently costs about (I think..) 3 credits for something like 3 tries? Will the cost of photorealistic in RS stay as it is?

Also, will there be contests in Floorplanner in the future, as there are in Roomstyler? I think the contests in Roomstyler (when done fairly) is ingenious– not only for the benefit of the community and for the chance to win credits, but also for experimenting and showcasing what the programme can really do, in turn allowing for suggestions for improvements. Or will the contests just remain as a feature of Roomstyler only?

Just want to also thank you and the team at Roomstyler  for this gem of a tool, it is truly brilliant !

bnu 9d ago
JeroenBekkers - 9d ago

Floorplanner & Roomstyler are already sharing the exact same libraries & render engine so in terms of choice of 3D items and render quality there should be no difference. There are small differences in the way to create rooms and handle camera’s (for now) but you should be able to create the exact same images with floorplanner as you can do with roomstyler already.

Contests will probably remain a Roomstyler thing but we plan to bring the great results of the contests under the attention of all floorplanner users.

The one-time upgrade fee for a project for unlimited HD or photorealistic renders within a project will replace the price per render but with the new editor you can make save multiple designs within 1 project. All these designs can have multiple camera’s so it will quickly be much more cost effective for users to upgrade a project once instead of paying 1 or 3 credits per render.

If the floorplanner editor somehow runs slow on your machine please try it in another browser. if slowness continues please drop an email to

JeroenBekkers - 9d ago

A bit more clarification on credits and projects. We will continue to provide ways to win/earn credits on Roomstyler by rewarding the best entries with credits and project upgrades. As a project can have multiple floors and designs you can always choose to work for new designs in 1 upgraded project. Only in case you are actually sharing a project with a client it makes sense to have this in a seperate upgraded project but for personal/recreational use we want to make it easier and cheaper for you to make more great images and even 3D tours (example:  of your design without having to pay per render.

JeroenBekkers - 9d ago

@theadora you can also see examples of what users create with floorplanner on:

bnu - 9d ago

Hi Jeroen, thank you for all the additional info! 

If I were to sign up to Floorplanner now, how would I link (some of) my Roomstyler account credits to Floorplanner? Are the accounts linked  / is it one account that accesses both platforms at the moment (eventually being one flatform)? I don't want to lose my Roomstyler account and all my little credits to Floorplanner if I signed up now - I just want to test out the features of Floorplanner by using SOME of my credits from Roomstyler. but also keep using Roomstyler with the rest...!

With regards to the Floorplanner pricing, I do like the sound of having one project with unlimited photo renders for a one-off cost, with the option to make multiple rooms, designs and renders within that project. 

I just tried the demo, and I know cameras have been mentioned above, but when I try to use the different cameras, I don't seem to be able to place the cameras accurately where I like in the room. I can take "steps" back and forth within the room by double clicking in the direction I want to go, but it either takes me too far out of the room, or doesn't move enough. Am I missing something? I know it's just a demo...

bnu 9d ago
JeroenBekkers - 9d ago

We’ll provide a way to link accounts later and “import” all your rooms & credits into floorplanner but for now you can best play around with a sperate floorplanner account

Btw The demo is NOT a good way to test out camera’s as you cannot save them in the demo. If you want to test multiple cameras , create a free account , make a room and go to 3D to create a few new cameras.

bnu - 9d ago

Brilliant , thanks for clarifying those ! I will create a new account and look forward to testing out Floorplanner :) 

bnu 9d ago
valentin_fp - 9d ago

You can also use keys 'a', 'w', 's', 'd' or arrow keys to move around (and thus move the camera) in the 3D view.

RaeCam - 9d ago

when we do switch :( how can we transfer rooms or will they automatically switch sorry if im not making myself very clear

RaeCam 9d ago
bnu - 9d ago

Hi RaeCam, it sounds like they are working on that and will let us know when the time per Jeroen's comment above

"We’ll provide a way to link accounts later and “import” all your rooms & credits into floorplanner..."

bnu 9d ago
bnu - 9d ago

Thank you Valentin for the camera tip :)

bnu 9d ago
Sally Simpson - 8d ago

The camera options are the most important for me.

I have a question: will we still be able to use the "wide angle", "normal" and "zoom" options on Roomstyler after the incoming changes?

I usually use the zoom option to create my rooms, and on the rooms seem to be created with "wide angle" or "normal" camera, only.

I find that rooms created by using the zoom option look more realistic.

(Sorry for my English)

RaeCam - 8d ago


RaeCam 8d ago
Sally Simpson - 8d ago

I just managed to create a basic room on Floorplanner that looks somilar to the RS ones, I discovered that one can adjust the angle of the camera and add huge doors to the oposite walls, so one can focus the camera to the walls you want to show.

Not sure that you understand my explanation since my Englis is weird.

The result:

bnu - 8d ago

Hi guys, I just created a room on Floorplanner - it's super basic, I know, but I was just trying out the wall features and discovered you can curve walls, slope the ceiling, use different wall heights, and these can all be painted. You can also change the dimensions of furniture, increase the height of for example rugs, increase the size of art, change the direction of for example wooden floorboards, make floorboards narrower or wider etc...

You can also save different camera angles and switch between the different camera views in 3D preview mode. It isn't what we're used to but it's defo worth trying! 

I did however find that although admin says that RS and FP share the same libraries (which they seem to), the categories don't bring up the same items - or rather, bring up less items than we are used to in RS. If that makes sense? I thought maybe the items hadn't finished loading in the list, but after waiting a while and trying it several times it just gives you the same few items under that category. In fact, with the indoor plants category it only gave me a fraction of the plants that are listed in RS. They probably haven't been added into the categories and so I had to search some of them by memory. I don't know 

Also, i can't find the "rectangle door opening" feature that we all know and love in RS :(  

I was also wondering if FP has a forum between members, and to communicate with admin?

Here is my example room:

bnu 8d ago
LuzMa HL - 8d ago


I have a few questions: Is there a Discover page on Floorplanner like in RS? How can we see others designers creations? Other designers profiles? For instance, how can we see on Floorplanner BNU creations like above's?

LuzMa HL 8d ago
bnu - 8d ago

Hi Valentinapenta, it was strange but fun trying it , right ? I imagine that over time we will all get to know the features of FP like the back of our hands , and create more advanced designs. I remember when I first started RS, my first ever design was super basic and it took me almost a year to get my rooms looking more "realistic ". :/ 

I can definitely see the potential with FP and hope one day to be as good as the long standing users of RS! 

bnu 8d ago
LuzMa HL - 8d ago
LuzMa HL 8d ago

For me it was challenging but fun.  Do you know if you can open other people's floor plans to see what they've done?  It was very helpful for me when I first started with Roomstyler.

bnu - 8d ago

Think yours is the same question as LuzMa above - I totally agree re looking at others' designs to get to know the tool better. I haven't seen a forum or discover page yet , perhaps they will introduce that or maybe not... But Jeroen does say above that "Contests will probably remain a Roomstyler thing but we plan to bring the great results of the contests under the attention of all floorplanner users." Don't know what that means in reality - maybe only contest designs will be public ? - but I do hope we can open and look at others' plans in FP.  I also get the need for privacy because FP is being marketed as a professional tool and that brings into play copyright issues. 

bnu 8d ago
bnu - 8d ago

Would be great to see designers profile pages , as LuzMa mentions above 

bnu 8d ago
Sally Simpson - 8d ago

valentina, I'm pretty sure that profiles on FP are private, so no one can access your profile but you.

What I miss on FloorPlanner:

the small 3D window on the top right while designing to figure out how the items fit. It's very usefull when one adds pictures, mirrors etc to adjust the distance from base to floor.

Also, either I'm still unable to find the option to paint windows and doors, or that option is not available on FP.

Same thing with the option to add art to the walls.

About the library: I also miss the option to filter search by colours.

LuzMa HL - 7d ago

Hi, Sally!

The adding art to wall option is not available yet, as Jeroen said.

LuzMa HL 7d ago
LuzMa HL - 7d ago

I mean, personalized external images.

LuzMa HL 7d ago

Thanks, Sally.  That makes sense.

Sally Simpson - 7d ago
Thanks LuzMa for clarification. So I guess that option will be available in the future.
RaeCam - 7d ago

I have made a room with floorplan and i do love the more realistic look but i cannot find out how to add a scene 

RaeCam 7d ago
bnu - 7d ago

RaeCam, under one of the tabs you'll see "Background settings" , then click to chose file  

bnu 7d ago
bnu - 7d ago

I also love the sunlight setting dial  (bottom left of workspace ). 

bnu 7d ago

I tried to make a room but it was very confusing.

I like RS better. And if lose all my rooms that I have now

Sally Simpson - 7d ago


to add a scenery just go to 3D camera and click Ligth & Background.

You have the option to pick a dome background or to upload a pic from your HD.

Sally Simpson - 7d ago

This is going to take this old lady some time to get used to it.

kitty - 7d ago

I Haven't tried doing a room on it yet..but whilst fiddling round with it noticed the furniture and accessory options looked very basic compared to the vast library we have here and because of that it didn't inspire me.

I dont want a nice room with bland furniture.

also can we search for furniture under brands like here?

It all looked very basic and dull...

kitty 7d ago
Raven Storme - 7d ago

Can't seem to change the color of the window frames at all.  

Also, when I added the rug the coffee table completely vanished.  And when I re-added it, suddenly the vase was gone.

Cameras are too confusing to me.  Switching through them made no difference in the photo shown.  And moving them was a huge hassle.  I hit 'w' once and nothing happened.  Hit it twice and suddenly I'm way outside the stupid room.

I'm sticking with Roomstyler.

RaeCam - 7d ago

yeah my one problem is the camera its so crazy confusing!!!

RaeCam 7d ago
bnu - 7d ago

Just tried to recreate one of my RS rooms in FP.  Still need to get to grips with the tools, but I made a basic version:

BUT I just discovered that you can adjust the height of items individually! So no more floating items, or items that were previously fixed to ground level. 

Plus, artwork and other items that hang on walls can now be moved around freely and don't need to be stuck to a wall, if that makes sense. 

You can also draw a floor surface without walls and ceiling. 


bnu 7d ago
bnu - 7d ago

Oh, and you can raise items above the wall height

bnu 7d ago
kitty - 6d ago

Ok tried to make a room...really miss mini preview window and just found it very 'linear ' and hard to actually work creatively with.

seems there's considerably less furniture options than here too and I couldn't seem to get wall colours to stick.

I actually think its good for doing plain floorplans on but dont see it as a tool to actually create nice looking designs on- found I kept having to swap around camera views and it was all ugh and not enjoyable at all.

I think when this tool migrates I'll have to find another way to use my creativity unless they give that tool some more of the functions of this one.

it a good technical tool but not a good creative one.

kitty 6d ago
Theadora - 6d ago

I totally agree Kitty, it's too much like work! I also find the looks of the rooms too clinical, the ambiance like we can create here is just not there...maybe it will come with enough practise (and credits)...I'm getting too old for this...

Theadora 6d ago
kitty - 6d ago

@Theadora I actually dont think its practise alone that's needed 

Its much more of a clinical architectural tool (more like google sketch-up which I did a short course on) designed for estate agents and home improvers builders etc

I felt no sense of flow using it-granted it has certain features I'd like here (variable wall heights within a design curved walls etc) BUT without the small preview window and the sense it was more about floor/space planning than interior design I just lost interest.

I think the clue is in the name FloorPlanner Vs Roomstyler 

this is about styling and interior decoration that is more about space planning 

it would great if we could design spaces there and decorate and furnish them here

but as it stands I'm actually depressed about this change.

I wouldn't subscribe to the pro version (even if I could afford to) which I suspect is what we would need to do to get more features and furniture options because its actually quite boring to work on-the magic has gone

kitty 6d ago
Theadora - 6d ago

Hi Kitty,

I opened a Floorplanner account a few years ago hoping to design a retirement rancher. Since you could only make 1 free floor plan I found that compared to Roomstyler it wasn't worth the bother so never finished it and have only been back once in a while to check out the  improvements.

Roomstyler is used mostly to decorate individual rooms. It would be a waste for me to spend 2 credits per room make-over for others, they often are just 1 room. Contests are also usually 1 room. Not a good deal for Roomstyler members who only want to create one room at the time.

This change-over certainly separates the wheat from the chaff, unfortunately a lot of Roomstyler's amateur interior designers will be left out in the cold. :( 

Theadora 6d ago

Hi all. This is great feedback. Lovely to see you are playing around with it and here what you like and don't like. Let me comment on some of the struggles some of you had.

And maybe also helpful is our youtube tutorials:

For instance on these topics how to move and work with your camera / room view. Also how you can move items like paintings around in 3D

@bnu you can colour doors and window frames by clicking on them and change the color in the sidebar. There is some improvement to be made there, I agree. In the doors library there is a door without a frame, that just creates a hole.

@Raven Items height works a bit differently in Floorplanner than in Roomstyler. They will stack op top of eachother, so if you place a rug, first place it somewhere where no other objects are. Or adjust the raise from floor slider in the sidebar. The items in Floorplanner actually give a lot more freedom in size and position.

In the camera view, you can double-click on the position in the room where you want your camera. Then click and drag to rotate, and use the arrow keys to walk sideways back or forward. The camera can be adjusted from wideagle to zoom in your sidebar. Before you go back to 2D don't forget to update your camera view in the sidebar if you want to save the position.

Oh yeah, and the bug with paintings sticking on one side of a wall is gone in Floorplanner.

@SallySimpson to hide the first wall in the camera mode, you don't have to add doors, there is a toggle for that in the 3D settings called "cutaway walls"

About furniture libraries: Floorplanner and Roomstyler use the same library of items, but the category trees have been changed a bit in Floorplanner to make it more compact and streamlined. So some categories my not be called the same and some may not appear, but when doing the search in floorplanner on "see all categories" actually all roomstyler items are being searched. Maybe some of the plants for instances should be found by searching for tree or palm etc. in all categories because some might not be placed in plants (yet)

The filter furniture on colour and filter on size is something else that will be added later this year. So here too, there's going to be improvement this year.

kitty - 6d ago

Thanks for the response Nico.

Any plans to introduce a small preview window like we have on this tool?

Thank you

kitty 6d ago
JeroenBekkers - 6d ago

Yup, this is on our list for when we roll out the camera positions in 2D. 

Sally Simpson - 6d ago
Thanks for your explanations, Nico :)
jade61356 - 3d ago

I haven't tried to make anything in Floorplanner,..  but hearing the stories from other designers, I'm kind of rattled, to be honest.  I'm still learning Roomstyler, love it.. and not sure I'm up to learning a different design app.  I'm like several other people..  I have health issues, where I am homebound on some days.. and this has given me something creative to do. I wish they would leave Roomstyler as is.. because I'm worried I may lose yet another design app. (I used one before that no longer exists) How long do we have before all this happens? I'm not happy.. but then, I don't love change.. and I'm one of those older people, who doesn't want to start over, from the beginning, to learn another app. It took me years to get as far as I have, and I have a long way to go, as is!

jade61356 3d ago


Can you tell me if this “new version” is going to be available for iPad / iPad Pro? Thank you for all your feedback!

kitty - 3d ago

@Nico @JeroenBekkers I tried again last night to create a room...Its such a Laborious process to build from scratch (previously I'd tried a template room to practise on) I must say despite being one of the older users I do usually persevere with technology and did a course on using sketch-up with a view to learning CAD 

HOWEVER..Floorplanner is really not a fun tool, I kept losing my designs and they don't render in3d (do we have to pay for that?) so look very basic and meh.

Ever getting started on a new design is tedious..

FYI I decided to do a very clean minimalist Pawson style space where light and finish are key just in order to get to grips with the tool so it wasn't about furnishing or anything just about a beautiful 'space' ...after an evening playing round I ended up with 3 blank 'projects' what the heck? 

I'm sorry but its proved to be so disappointing and linear not conducive to creativity.

I'm heartbroken 

kitty 3d ago
kitty - 3d ago

PS...I changed my user name but my personal email address shows under my username ..Is this visible to everyone?

If so I will date my account as I dont want my email in the public domain..could you let me know regarding this please?

kitty 3d ago
JeroenBekkers - 2d ago

There are no public profiles in floorplanner so your email is not shown to anyone. Regarding saving errors and empty designs, not sure what goes on here. There are tens of thousands of designs created each day including lots from professional users and designers and if there are errors in saving we are notified immediately by lots of customers. can you send us an email with your account so we can take a look at it

kitty - 2d ago

I actually just tried again to design a room and i seemed to get 'stuck' moving between camera views and couldn't get back to 'home' in order to continue with the design the end I closed the application because I was getting nowhere I just went to my dashboard but although I had a new Floorplanner listed under todays date it hadn't saved..and I could find no 'save as' option to save as I worked.

its very fiddly doing a design because I find I need to keep moving from 2d to 3d to walk through to see how how it looks and I can't seem to get the materials to 'stick' to the wall.

Also as I'm in imperial measurements and not metric another confusing factor is that wall heights i can do in feet but other things seem to read only in inches which is very confusing without a calculator; My ceiling height is 10'3" but its hard to see how the structural elements and doors look if I'm just reading the measurement in inches on the; I know an 8ft window with 2ft floor clearance works in the space but looking at a measurement of say...96 inches on the slider is confusing!

kitty 2d ago
jade61356 - 2d ago

I tried it too.. I don't have anything I could show anyone, like the others did..  I'll keep trying, but honestly, I don't like the look of the rooms either.. here.. you can get a "feel" for people's rooms, with the lighting.. choices of colors and furniture.. I don't want to be a professional designer or an architect. I am very sad.. I wish I knew how long we had left with Roomstyler.. I don't think I'll be using Floorplanner.. I'm spoiled with the looks of the current designs here. I don't like the clinical look of the new app. It seems like something a professional designer would use to show a client.. but not something just for fun and creativity. I am really going to miss Roomstyler!

jade61356 2d ago
jade61356 - 2d ago

Just read what @Kitty wrote, and yes! I had the same problem!  I think my age is showing.. it's just too much work figuring out how many inches are in whatever feet.. it seems more like work than fun. 

jade61356 2d ago
JeroenBekkers - 2d ago

To clarify again: Roomstyler is NOT going to change , in the course of the year we will introduce the new planner that can be used to create new rooms or participate in contests. This will not be overnight and we still need to add some roomstyler features to floorplanner but in the longer term the old planner will be retired as the codebase is pretty ancient and does not give room for new features or imrpovements. 

@kitty this sounds strange and buggy indeed, what browser are you using? were you able to save even 1 design?  Are you using the "edit in 3D" option to move items directly in 3D?

Sally Simpson - 2d ago

I got confused again.

Are you going to to add some roomstyler features to floorplanner, or viceversa?

I thought that those features such as sloped ceilings, real wall thickness etc that are available on FP would be added to Roomstyler.

As I said I'm not an English speaker and maybe I haven't understood well

JeroenBekkers - 2d ago

Both Floorplanner as Roomstyler will be using the same editor in the future (the floorplanner editor) This means all floorplanner features will be accessible to Roomstyler users and we will add some missing roomstyler features to this editor before we will make it more widely accessible to roomstyler.  Only the planner/editor will change . The rest of the site will stay the same.   You will not need to go to floorplanner or even create a new account on floorplanner. We will provide the tools to import your plans in the new editor somewhere in the coming months  

Hi again,  it I don’t know if this is the right place for as Quino this.

Somebody can tell me if there are any plans to make Roomstyler “run” on iOS?

Right now, you can open the roomstyler site on google chrome for iOS, but you can’t use the application.

Maybe one of the new “feature” will be that it will be running under iOS using chrome or safari..

If there is a Oder forum for this question, please, let me know.

Thank you!

Sally Simpson - 2d ago
Thanks again for clarification, Jeroen :)
JeroenBekkers - 2d ago

@GonzaloPMolina the new editor works on tablets and iPads simply in your browser: Try out

Raven Storme - 2d ago

@JeroenBekkers, because I want to make sure I understand this (and I'm sorry you keep having to answer questions - I'm on strong muscle relaxers for a jacked-up back and my mental faculties aren't functioning fully though).

RoomStyler's camera features or saving or previewing will stay the same, am I right?  But you guys are gonna let us have the ability to adjust walls and curve them and all that?

Again, sorry, but I'm going on what you said here: To clarify again: Roomstyler is NOT going to change , in the course of the year we will introduce the new planner that can be used to create new rooms or participate in contests. This will not be overnight and we still need to add some roomstyler features to floorplanner but in the longer term the old planner will be retired as the codebase is pretty ancient and does not give room for new features or imrpovements.