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Nico Langeveld - 1 month ago
Contest - Urban Jungle Kitchen

Feel free to talk about things regarding this topic in here

Nico Langeveld 1 month ago
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Isaacarchitect - 29d ago

Cool, I didn't get to do the last one so I'm going to do this one

Isaacarchitect - 28d ago

Do you think any else could be done with this to make it better?

XqveenXlove - 28d ago

Tone down the dark colors to something more neutral or bright.

XqveenXlove 28d ago
Isaacarchitect - 27d ago

Ok  so like a lighter brown?

LuzMa HL - 26d ago

Isaac. A few things:

Try with another scenery image, the current one is blurry and distractive from the foco point, which should be the kitchen.

If you are creating your own layout, why squeeze things like embedding the refrigerator into the furniture? Just make the space bigger!

Another thing I notice is that the refrigerator door can't be opened because it will hit the couch. Again, why squeeze the furniture when you can expand the space? Or you can arrange things differently...

And, finally: What's the point of getting most of the rug under the couch?

You asked, I hope it helps.

LuzMa HL 26d ago
Isaacarchitect - 26d ago

Thanks! I see what your saying. 

First, all of my photos show up as not blurry but then when I push save as, it goes to blurry. :(  I'll try to make to space bigger and change the placement of the furniture. 

Second, I didn't even notice that the fridge was like that, lol, thanks for noticing!

Thanks I'll change it today!

Isaacarchitect - 26d ago
XqveenXlove - 25d ago

I like the layout however I agree to the suggestions.  Try those especially lighting up the space

I think it's a little too depressing with all the black.

Maybe use white floors and a light background to keep the furniture you currently have.

XqveenXlove 25d ago
XqveenXlove - 25d ago


How to get your scenery clean and not blurry?

XqveenXlove 25d ago
Isaacarchitect - 25d ago


Isaacarchitect - 25d ago

Yeah that's been a problem ever since I started. The scenery in all of my rooms are blurry. :\ Can you help?

Isaacarchitect - 25d ago
Isaacarchitect - 25d ago

like that?

kitty - 25d ago

Hi Issacarchitect...This is a post about the contest its not a post about YOU.

You've hi-jacked it and made it as usual all about you and your design...this is boring.

kitty 25d ago
Isaacarchitect - 25d ago

@kitty, I would like to know why getting ideas form people is such a bad thing. also everyone is fed up with the drama on this site and your not helping. I'm sorry if your offended but ya'll have been picking on me way to long. I didn't know that asking for ideas was such a terrible thing, I'm newish. I'm not feeling happy with this site anymore. if i do the least thing, ya'll make a huge deal out of it when it doesn't have to be that way. just tell me what I'm doing wrong in a POLITE way and I'll stop. Thank you. 

kitty - 25d ago

Ok I'll tell you, you are making every post a means to attract attention to your designs.

its all about you 

this is a general chat about the contest a place for people to discuss the brief or questions regarding the brief or perhaps finding items on the database they need.

Its not a place to go "do you like my design?"

"what's wrong with my design?"

"can you help me make my design better?"

Its boring because its all about YOU and you wanting to be noticed.

kitty 25d ago
Isaacarchitect - 25d ago

Ok fine I see how it is, you probably didn't even read the other responses I made. 

LuzMa HL - 24d ago


Kitty's right. That's enough. Stop trying to draw attention to yourself. Please stop commenting. Right now. Go practice improving your designs. Just shut up, please. Stop it. You are an annoying person. Do you understand that? Just stop NOW! 

LuzMa HL 24d ago
RaeCam - 24d ago

I have to agree with kitty if you want some suggestions make your own forum discussion and sometimes it does seem like you are trying to get attention...

RaeCam 24d ago
Isaacarchitect - 24d ago

Sorry I'm not trying to make it that way. I didn't know that I couldn't ask for ideas.

RaeCam - 24d ago

we didnt say that but you are using a forum that has nothing to do with you getting ideas

RaeCam 24d ago
marleinxs - 24d ago

Hey all. Let's stay nice to each other.  I see both perspectives. Isaac, you just want some confirmation. I get that because you're still learning.  Some advice: if you want tips and tricks, just start your own forum discussion. If users want to, they can reach out to you there. These forums are for the contest and questions about them.  People tend to find it irritating when you constantly post under these discussions. I hope you understand. 

marleinxs 24d ago
Isaacarchitect - 24d ago

Thank you Marleinxs

kitty - 24d ago

Thank you so much marleinxs

kitty 24d ago
RaeCam - 23d ago

Yes thank you.....(thats what i was trying to get across guess i didnt do it right

RaeCam 23d ago
marleinxs - 23d ago

No thanks! Just trying to help out and keep the peace ;)

marleinxs 23d ago
Isaacarchitect - 23d ago

Thanks for being nice about it.

tieganclayton - 23d ago

Hi, does anyone know how to delete a current entry and add another? Thanks :)

starsector - 23d ago

Hi Isaac, whenever someone posts in the contest thread (or any thread), we get a notification through our newsfeed or emails.  So many of us go to the contest thread to help answer questions/concerns about the contest, or to see if Nico or the other Tech Team members have posted something.  Not everyone comes to the forums, really just a core group that reach out to help.  So your many posts tend to take away from our helping others, or working on our own designs.

Everyone is allowed to enter contests, even new members if they want, but they should realize that it is a contest, and they are often competing against hundreds of members.  They expect that the playing field will be fairly level and that a few members are not getting an unfair advantage by getting design tips from members who've been on the site for a long time.

In the past, we've had young members form their own group for mutual support and tips.  Is that something you might like to take the lead on?  I hope  you will consider it :)

starsector 23d ago
Isaacarchitect - 23d ago

Thanks Starsector, but how would we do something like that? I don't have social media other then google hangouts, and linkedin, so I don't know how that would work out. 

@tieganclayton, on the forum there is no way to delete recent post that I know of.

Thanks again Starsector!

RaeCam - 23d ago

tieganclayton-if you are talking about the contests then click on the contest then click on the green button that says "submit your design" if yoiu have a room already entered then it will say something about that idk the exact wording hope that helps

RaeCam 23d ago
kitty - 23d ago

Theres some incredible designs in this contest! really wonderful work

kitty 23d ago
emmas004 - 22d ago

I have a question. I'm kinda new here so bare with me. How do I place things like plants, on a wall shelf. Every time I try, it just gets placed on the floor. 

emmas004 22d ago
LuzMa HL - 22d ago

Absolutely, Kitty! 

One sees all these beautiful designs and would like to have, at least, 50 votes to give.

LuzMa HL 22d ago
starsector - 22d ago

@tieganclayton, your design in the contest should have a green 'withdraw' button on the thumbnail image on the contest page.  Then just submit a new entry using the 'submit my design' button on the contest page.

@emmas004, you can't actually add things to wall-attached items like shelves.  There's some illusions we've learned to create using some tricks, here's a thread that talks about it:

Pretty much any question you could have has a thread about it on the forum.  You can search the forum for key phrases.

Also, if you see something in a design, (like items on shelves), you can always open that design using the Remix button to poke around and see how they did it.  (don't worry, it's only a copy, you can't affect the original).

starsector 22d ago
starsector - 22d ago

@Issac, the youth group always just used our forum.  They'd post a few threads and others would join in sharing links to their rooms, and other posts for tips.  The young members tend to come and go, so maybe starting a thread titled "Youth Group" would be a good start?  The rest of us can always post links to your group thread as new young members join Roomstyler. 

I haven't been posting on the forum much over the past few months, but I do try to keep up on the threads.  I've noticed that you try to help others a lot, which is very gracious of you, thanks!  But since you're just learning the program yourself, your answers to others are often incomplete or inaccurate.  The ones asking the questions don't know that you are new and inexperienced, so they assume those are the correct complete answers.  This can lead to frustration by other new members.  It would be better if you learned the program more thoroughly yourself before attempting to answer questions on the forum.  I can tell that you are a very thoughtful and kind person, and I don't want you to feel unwelcome, so I hope this little bit of site 'netiquette' eases some of the tension :)

starsector 22d ago
Isaacarchitect - 22d ago
Alright I see what your saying, but the other members to kitty, Raven Storme, and some others were upset about doing that earlier. I am new and I'm still learning but I'm not sure off the others would like the idea of a youth forum, they seem to like to keep up with the youth so that we don't get into any trouble. Thanks!
starsector - 22d ago

I see what you're saying, but I think they were upset about posting on this contest page, or on other people's threads.  I'm sure they would be very supportive of you restarting the youth group with your own threads.  But yes, we do tend to monitor the young ones 'so they don't get into any trouble', lol :)

starsector 22d ago
Isaacarchitect - 22d ago

Ok I'll try that I guess.

Isaacarchitect - 22d ago
starsector - 21d ago


starsector 21d ago
tieganclayton - 20d ago

Hi, I know this is off topic but does anyone know how to make conservatory roofs and skylights go onto the roof instead of the floor? I'm struggling! Thanks :)

emmas004 - 20d ago

@tieganclayton Not sure if this will help, but it's worth a shot! 

emmas004 20d ago
deemuri_co - 18d ago

This contest should have been called decorating with house plants because very few represent a jungle in the slightest way.

deemuri_co 18d ago
LuzMa HL - 18d ago

Hahahahaha, Deemuri :)

LuzMa HL 18d ago
deemuri_co - 17d ago


deemuri_co 17d ago
YEET12345678910 - 17d ago

Issac, I don't think that showing your room here is fair, as it should only be seen in the contest.