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Nico Langeveld - 28d ago
Contest - Eclectic Bathroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

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LuzMa HL - 26d ago

Again eclectic bathroom?

LuzMa HL 26d ago
LuzMa HL - 26d ago

Oh, my mistake! It was a boheme bathroom the other one. Nevermind.

LuzMa HL 26d ago
Isaacarchitect - 26d ago

Yes that's what I thought too, lol. It's going really well though, all of the rooms are really good

Isaacarchitect - 25d ago
kitty - 25d ago

@Issacarchitect this post has been hijacked by you seeking advice and attention for your designs too has it?

kitty 25d ago
Isaacarchitect - 25d ago


why do you guy hate me? Nico said "free to talk about things regarding the contest and I posted this to give people ideas. not please leave my in peace. im not trying to hurt anyone.

@Isaacarchitect, I think the whole idea is to discuss the contest.  If you want people to see your room, then it will be seen in the contest.  Posting your room in the discussion is seen as trying to get opinions on corrections.  This is not the place to critique each and everyone's entry.  That is not what the discussions are here for.

kitty - 24d ago

@ What Inspires... thank you for clarifying the point I was trying to make so clearly 

kitty 24d ago
marleinxs - 22d ago

Loving the bathrooms so far! Great work on them!

marleinxs 22d ago
Piper_M - 18d ago

How do I post the bathroom?

Piper_M 18d ago
Theadora - 17d ago


Go to the contest page, click on "Submit your design", it will show you all your public designs.  Click on the design you want to submit.

Theadora 17d ago
Piper_M - 12d ago

I tried but the rooms wouldn't pop up! It always says,  Select contest entry

You have not created a unique design or your design is not rendered yet.

If you want to enter the contest you will have to create a room from scratch that matches the description of the contest.

You could also be trying to submit a design in this contest which was created with one of the Roomstyler White Label versions (e.g. DWR, Falabella or dmLights). This is not enabled for normal Roomstyler contests.

Remixed rooms cannot be entered in contests at all. And I already made a room called Eclectic Bathroom, what's wrong? Please help. 

Piper_M 12d ago
Theadora - 12d ago

I can not see your room on your profile page. This means it's set to private and won't show when you try to enter it into a contest.

This contest is now over. Voting starts 3 days before the contest ends, you can't enter designs during the last 3 days.

Theadora 12d ago