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Nico Langeveld - 21d ago
Contest - Urban Jungle Bathroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest.

Some tips: posting your room for design advice here is not appreciated by the community and will not help you get more votes. You can best ask for advice in a new discussion. If you don't see your design in the contest, check if it is public, because once it has been entered and then changed, it might have been set to private when you asked for a render.

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Isaacarchitect - 21d ago

Cool contest!!

Theadora - 20d ago

@ Isaac (change your name, you're no architect) - very misleading to new members who would like some real answers to their questions.

Do you really need to comment on everything?! Please, give us some peace and stick a sock in it!

Theadora 20d ago
Isaacarchitect - 20d ago
Theadora, could you not be so rude. You are picking me out wherever I go and you won't let me live my life. I don't have to change my name if I don't want to. I know I'm not an architect but that is what I want to be. Now please shut up and stop following me around. You seriously need to stop. I will report you for picking on me, following me around the site, not leaving me alone, and harassing me every time I say cool or great on anything especially the forum. I am not trying to offend you but please stop. I think you like picking on me more than making rooms so go make some cool rooms and stop harassing me sweetie. 
Theadora - 20d ago

Listen kid, you won't hear a peep out of me as soon as you start actually reading, understanding and following the advice given to you by people who have been on this site for a long time.

So far you don't seem to want to and you continue to post totally unnecessary comments on the Forum. 

On top of that, the first thing you did after following Starsector's excellent advise to start a "youth group" was to ask for ideas on how to improve your design which happens to be entered in a contest. What about this (and Starsector's explanation) don't you understand?!

"It's also not a good idea to ask for help for a design you're putting in a contest.

It gives you unfair advantage over people who have worked hard to make a design without any help from others."

Smarten up kid or even the nice and helpful people on this site are eventually going to get fed up with your unwillingness to listen and learn.

There are a lot of incredibly talented young people on this site who are quite capable of creating wonderful designs without constantly having to be told what to do and what not to do. Stop your attention seeking behaviour and keep practising, do the "work" yourself instead of asking others to do it for you, it's the best way to learn.

Btw, giving my designs likes won't alter my opinion, so don't bother.



Theadora 20d ago
kitty - 20d ago

@Theadora well said.!

And no @Issacarchitect I'm not being mean or picking on you.

your constant attention seeking is annoying.

the only way to learn is by making mistakes.

Asking everyones opinion and advice is annoying the community and actually not helping you as a designer as everyone has a different opinion on what is a 'good' and 'bad' design the only judge that truly matters is yourself.

kitty 20d ago
starsector - 19d ago

Everyone on this site deserves to be treated with dignity and respect.

Theodora and Kitty, your posts are beyond the pale!  Issac's minor attention-seeking in no way justifies the astonishingly rude and inappropriate comments, nor the double-downed pile-on.  If you two can't set a better example of appropriate forum Netiquette, then I suggest you don't post at all.

Secondly, the whole point of the Youth group is mutual support and ideas about each other's designs.  If Issac or any other young member want suggestions on designs, whether they are in a contest or not, that is entirely between them.  As we already established, the new young members cannot really compete on equal footing with the majority of entries in the contests.  

I assured Issac that the members would support the efforts of the Youth Group thread. I expect that to be the case.

I've marked as spam the rude comments posted on the Youth Group thread and have sent an email to Roomstyler asking those comments to be removed.

As long as the youth are treating everyone with dignity and respect, and not putting each other at risk in any way, I expect the Adults on the site to set a better example of appropriate posting, and to stay off that thread.

starsector 19d ago
Theadora - 19d ago

@Starsector, I stand by every word I posted.

Theadora 19d ago
starsector - 19d ago

I  know you do, Theadora.  That's the problem.

starsector 19d ago
Isaacarchitect - 19d ago

Thank you so much starsector for standing up to these, frankly, bullies. i can tell you are a very nice person while some others are not.

Theadora, when you say that i comment  on everything, why don't you take a look at yourself and think about not being such a hypocrite. i post "cool" and you tell me to "stick a sock in it," do that yourself young lady, yes, you are acting very young, i know what young looks like. i'm not trying to be mean but this really needs to stop. so leave everyone in peace and go make some beautiful rooms, ok? 

Yate - 19d ago

Starsector- thank you for putting kitty and Theadora in their place. Its sad to see people act like this. Especially the "responsible adults" on here. 

Yate 19d ago
Theadora - 17d ago


You have a lot of nerve, especially since you not once, but twice entered a close copy of someone else's design in a contest - Orange carpet and Shabby Chique Bathroom - only removing the latter after you got caught. I would suggest you get off your high horse. 

Theadora 17d ago
Isaacarchitect - 17d ago

Theadora, stop it now! If this goes any further I will personally strive to get you of of this site. you are being waaaayy to childish and rude.

RaeCam - 17d ago

Well she has some good points and she is not really being childish...but im not saying anymore im not going to be in this BYE!!!!!!

RaeCam 17d ago
Yate - 15d ago

Wow Theadora. Is that all you can do all day? Just pick on other designers to make yourself feel better? YOU, Theadora, have a lot of nerve. YOU are the one being childish. What will it take to make you stop? 

You need to stop picking on Isaacarchitect too. At the beginning of this forum all he said was "Cool contest!!" and you just ripped into him like he had totally done something wrong which he hadn't. Secondly you don't need to worry about what his name is. He can call himself what he wants. If you want everybody to be honest with their names maybe you should change yours to "Rude Person Who Likes To Pick On Innocent Designers". 

Yate 15d ago
Isaacarchitect - 15d ago

Lol that's great Yate, Thank you for standing up for me.

U r so very welcome

Yate - 14d ago

And by the way Theadora, I reported you to RS admin for cyberbullying. 

Yate 14d ago

OMG my friend comment on my account AGAIN!

Yate stop going  on my account please

Isaacarchitect - 14d ago


RaeCam - 13d ago

um you went on that account

RaeCam 13d ago
kitty - 13d ago

@RaeCam I think they may be the same person with 2 accounts perhaps

kitty 13d ago
Piper_M - 12d ago

How do I enter it always says...

Select contest entry

You have not created a unique design or your design is not rendered yet.

If you want to enter the contest you will have to create a room from scratch that matches the description of the contest.

You could also be trying to submit a design in this contest which was created with one of the Roomstyler White Label versions (e.g. DWR, Falabella or dmLights). This is not enabled for normal Roomstyler contests.

Remixed rooms cannot be entered in contests at all.

Piper_M 12d ago
starsector - 12d ago

Hi Piper, you are using the whitelabel program Livingspaces.  You can this by opening your planner and looking at the URL and see the name Livingspaces.  

Try logging in through

Open the planner and see if the name Livingspaces is still on the URL.  If so, delete those words from the URL, then save the design (make sure it's still marked PUBLIC), then try entering it into the contest again.

If that doesn't work, use the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page to email the tech team directly.  Ask them to 'detach' your account from the whitelabel LivingSpaces.  hth :)

starsector 12d ago
RaeCam - 12d ago

kitty yeah i know thats what im trying to point out lol

RaeCam 12d ago
kitty - 12d ago

@RaeCam ..sorry doh! I was a bit slow : D

kitty 12d ago
RaeCam - 11d ago

Lol its all good

RaeCam 11d ago

Me and my sister Yate share a computer. She forgets to check and see if Roomstyler is still on my account. (Yate STOP please)! As you can see she has herself os her profile and i have myself. Sorry if that confuses y'all sometimes. Please don't start cyberbullying me the way you did some other designers i am going through hard tomes and don't need more stress. all good? Thank's y'all. =^.^=

RaeCam - 4d ago

You said that was your friend (yate) ???

RaeCam 4d ago

Aww come on RaeCam, be nice! Please?

At first i did not want people to know we were related but she had already said we were sisters so yeah were sisters. Can you be nice please? =^.^=

Thanks I

Yate simply does the same things that you and this "Rachel" person did. :( You are making me frustrated cause i did not want to get all up in this stupid drama. Now you're following me and picking me out wherever i go. you commented on my own room. I tried to be pleasant and think oh it was a mistake. Please stop turning into Thedora or Kitty. I know you have better manners then to accuse someone without any proof. 

Your welcome crazy cat girl

kitty - 4d ago

@Crazycatgirl10 Please do NOT I repeat NOT accuse me of being some kind of cyber bully. 

I pointed out a few things regrading a member using the forum to publicise their designs.

I am actually sick and tired of you kids playing games with multiple accounts and creating dramas.

I used to love using this site just as a means of self expression and relaxation.

This joy is being eroded by all these dramas and games.

Sad but true.

kitty 4d ago

Kitty does have a point but kitty, can you just believe her?

kitty - 4d ago

@Issacarchitect Oh I'm not bothered if they're friends, sisters or even the same person..if people want to play games and set up multiple accounts to give themselves. 'votes' or 'likes' they are ultimately only kidding themselves 

Its not that that bugs me...its being pointed out as some kind of 'bad guy' or cyber bully by someone.

Its actually not on.

kitty 4d ago

Im sorry kitty did not realize that you had no intent on cyberbullying Issac . I am just frustrated at RaeCam for not believing me and i really just tried to stay out of this stupid drama ya know. I said credits to Yate for help on my room and RaeCam says uh your Yate. I am just soo frustrated with her! I am very sorry i was being a jerk i was angry and yeah. Please accept my apology. BTW how do you know i am a kid??? =^.^=

kitty - 4d ago

apology accepted.

I assume you are a kid because you don't come across as an adult.

a girl rather than a woman : )

kitty 4d ago

Thats what i thought. I made this account a while ago and i sooo regret my name choice. Is there any way to change it? Thanks for accepting my apology

RaeCam - 3d ago

whatever i didnt do anything wrong i was confused because you acted like you and yate were not even acquainted then you changed your profile pics (profile,profiles) and said you were friends now you are saying you are sisters im just confused and i didnt follow(stalk) you i was just trying to figure out your connection THANK YOU KNOW I WILL TAKE MY LEAVE     (  BOW  )

RaeCam 3d ago
kitty - 3d ago

@RaeCam I've decided to drop my microphone and storm offstage : D

Its getting stupid on here!

kitty 3d ago

Kitty you're a good designer, please don't leave. I know it's been hard but we can make it through together. If we all decide to be nice and like eachother. This site is not for being mean but for showing creativity! Alright everyone?

Its because i did not want anyone to know we were related. I also did not want to get involved in this drama and no you've practically dragged me into this! 

Could you just not have outrightly accused me

Theadora - 3d ago


Some suggestions.

Add permanently to the green section:

1. An updated Manual..

2. Links to the Tutorial video's.

3. A FAQ section which includes how to use the "invisible wall", how to fix a wall when items keep jumping to the other side, what size photograph to upload for the best scenery result, etc.

4. A section for furniture placement ideas/room make-over requests.

5. With the exception of the green section, eliminate the Forum altogether.

6. Leave the option to comment on other people's designs including the ability to remove offending comments and add the possibility to block a person as has been requested. This is an excellent idea and would make this site a lot more enjoyable.

Thank you.   

Theadora 3d ago

@Theadora, I know that you think that some of us in Roomstyler  use the forum too much but, there are a lot of good things about the forum. I partly agree on blocking people but I'm afraid that it will offend a lot of people seeing how all of us are already treating each other. I think that the drama is coming to an end, but people who post rude things on their accounts such as "I see annoying people" and " drama llama " aren't helping the situation and I agree with you on that. I very much like your first 4 ideas! Thank you for listening!


SunshineAllie - 3d ago

Roomstyler could always make an adult side of the forum as well as a teen side. That way the teens ( like me ) could still have our disscussions!

I agree bc I'm a teen too.

RaeCam - 2d ago

Kitty@ HAHA we were great on stage but we were to good for them LOL

RaeCam 2d ago
RaeCam - 2d ago

SUnshineAllie- then we couldnt get help?

RaeCam 2d ago

Yeah your right RaeCam, I think the forum is okay when people are not being rude. 

Sunshineallie, we do have a youth forum thread that you can use that is run b y me where you can ask questions and get help. I'll post the link below.

Theadora - 1d ago

"Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest."

As far as I can tell Piper_M's is the only relevant post in this whole thread.

We have a flagging system - maybe it's time we start using it and flag (Mark as spam) every post that is not directly related to the contests.

We can not expect Roomstyler to police these threads so if we all participate, the contest threads should clean up nicely.

Theadora 1d ago

Good point, although you did get mad at me for saying that I thought it was a cool contest. :/

Theadora - 1d ago


From the next contest on I'll just mark your irrelevant comments as spam - that is;  if your comment was unnecessary because it does nothing to help someone who has a question regarding the contest. No additional comments necessary on my part - over and out.

Theadora 1d ago

Ok well lots of other people have said so I'm not alone. Don't respond.