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Nico Langeveld - 14d ago
Contest - Urban Jungle Office

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Some tips: posting your room for design advice here is not appreciated by the community and will not help you get more votes. You can best ask for advice in a new discussion. If you don't see your design in the contest, check if it is public, because once it has been entered and then changed, it might have been set to private when you asked for a render.

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Jaderoni - 14d ago

It will not let me add my jungle office to the contest...

Jaderoni 14d ago
kitty - 14d ago

is it set to public?

kitty 14d ago
starsector - 12d ago

Hi Jade, your designs were made on the whitelabel program LivingSpaces.  You can tell this by opening a planner of your room and look at the URL at the top.   Whitelabels cannot be entered into contests.

Go to your account through the main

Check the URL.  If it still says "livingspaces", carefully delete that word every place it appears in the URL.  Then save your design (double check that it's Public! on the Save Popup!).  Then try reentering it in the contest.  If you still can't enter it, use the 'Contact Us' link at the bottom of the page to email the tech team directly and request they 'detach' your account from the whitelabel "LivingSpaces"

If you create all your designs through the roomstyler main from now on, you shouldn't have that problem anymore. :)

starsector 12d ago
copperkettle - 10d ago


copperkettle 10d ago
anjaam - 8d ago
anjaam 8d ago
RaeCam - 8d ago

i was going to point that out as well its um disturbing and i think the 4 people who liked it are the one and the same

RaeCam 8d ago
kitty - 8d ago

i just read the 'story' yuk!

 and yes I'm certain that this person has other accounts to 'like' their work.

why is this site suddenly attracting creepy people?

haven't they got anything better to do with their time .

kitty 8d ago

What was that story supposed to be? I'm confused and disgusted out of my wits. He commented on his own rooms.

Theadora - 6d ago

Same M.O. as Mike Wazowski.

Offending design with disgusting long story now made private. 

I think it will be appreciated if Roomstyler would delete these accounts.

Theadora 6d ago

I agree even though I don't like to be rude. But it's kinda bad.