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Vivialex - 8d ago
Background scenery rendering bright pink

What should i do

Vivialex 8d ago
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BenCam13 - 8d ago

I would contact roomstyler

BenCam13 8d ago
Orionaute - 8d ago

@Vivialex, can you make that room public please? Open that room and you will see the button for it.

Orionaute 8d ago
Orionaute - 8d ago

@BenCam13, can you to wait more than 4 DAYS  as a member here before giving advise to the others!!!!! There is a lot of old members here to answer help forum post. Thank you.

Orionaute 8d ago

Just a reminder that he is RaeCam's brother, and has probably used the site before. And you don't have to be rude to get your point across.

@Vivalex, if you have a scenery if the background of the room, try deleting it and retry putting the picture back in. If you don't have a picture in the background. Try saving the room a few times and check out it renders well. I had this problem a few months ago and that's what I did. If it still doesn't work then a would take BenCam's advice and contact someone from the admin, maybe @TV Renders?

BenCam13 - 7d ago

Im sorry! I saw this and asked my sister thats what she said to say and yes I have used this before.... I didnt think me answering a question would get someone mad sorry....

BenCam13 7d ago
starsector - 7d ago

When it's rendering bright pink, the image is probably not a jpeg or a png image file.  You can use a different image, or else load your image in your desktop image editor program (like MS Paint) and resave it as a jpeg or png.  If that still doesn't help, use the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page to contact the tech team directly.

starsector 7d ago

Its fine BenCam!

Vivialex - 7d ago

Wow, what a great community. Thank you very much for your response. I will make it public and share with you guys. Thank you again. 

Vivialex 7d ago
Orionaute - 7d ago

@Bencam, I'm sorry if my opinion hurt you but it seems to me that I was polite, with a "thank you" at the end.

In fact, it really surprised me that such a new member felt confident enough to respond to a request for help on the forum. 

The "old" have suggestions or tips that can solve the problem before asking the tech team, simply.

Your opinion on my mental health doesn't bother me at all because, yes, I'm crazy !!! LOL Everything is said, good continuity.

Orionaute 7d ago
BenCam13 - 6d ago

i didnt say you were rude and it didnt hurt me because AGAIN my sister said to say that it wasnt my idea i wasnt even going to respond

BenCam13 6d ago