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margaretm2 - 6d ago
Picture disappeared in edit mode

In my room, a framed picture on the wall behind the sofa has disappeared when in edit mode. I need to move it a bit to centre it, do I have to delete the wall and start over to do this? This is my first room, so please go easy on me. I made it public so you can see.

margaretm2 6d ago
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Orionaute - 5d ago

Hello, I edited your room to understand what is happening - thank you for making it public.

I saw a sidebar image that you imported and placed on the wall that has been divided, you can play with the separation points of the wall where your photo is to replace it or move the image directly. It is really necessary to take the time to place it well (it is visible with the camera when it is OK) before saving the room.

I copied your room for an example. You can save it without my name appearing anymore because you are its designer. I will destroy it in a few days.

I hope this answer has helped you.

Orionaute 5d ago
margaretm2 - 4d ago

Thank you for the reply. It's the one over the sofa I was talking about. I didn't know I had one on the other wall that doesn't show. I will try to figure out how to get rid of it.

margaretm2 4d ago
margaretm2 - 4d ago

I figured out how to delete the small picture, still can't figure out how to find the big one behind the sofa.

margaretm2 4d ago
starsector - 2d ago

If you split the wall after the image was dropped onto it, and then if you move wall sections around, it can be difficult if not impossible to find the uploaded image on it inside the left hand panel.  You'll need to use the "Delete Art" button under the image box in the "Art Placement on Wall" section in the left hand panel.  Then drag and drop the image again. 

starsector 2d ago
margaretm2 - 2d ago

Thank you, Starsector.

margaretm2 2d ago