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Nico Langeveld - 26d ago
Contest - Modern Playful Bedroom

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Some tips: posting your room for design advice here is not appreciated by the community and will not help you get more votes. You can best ask for advice in a new discussion. If you don't see your design in the contest, check if it is public, because once it has been entered and then changed, it might have been set to private when you asked for a render.

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RaeCam - 26d ago

Wow another modern contest....... sad

RaeCam 26d ago
Ellie665 - 26d ago

Ikr they have run out of ideas for contests. They should actually listen to the community members and take ideas from them bc I am pretty sure that not a ton of us want to keep doing modern contests. I know I am sick of them. 

Ellie665 26d ago
Isaacarchitect - 25d ago

I agree, we should do like a 60's kitchen, or something.

It would be cool if they did  a contest where you had to use 3 colors or something like that. It would be hard. 

RaeCam - 25d ago

no it would be fun

RaeCam 25d ago
Ellie665 - 25d ago

I also thought of maybe a book inspired contest of like a room inspired by a pretty well known book or even a classic like Little Women! 

Ellie665 25d ago
Raven Storme - 25d ago

I had a look back through the contests.

This site has done a ton of things, from boho to nautical, modern, minimal, eclectic, dark, bright, and everything in between.

I think it would be hard after a while to come up with something "new," and honestly most of the designers on here use a modern style anyhow.

Everyone wants to win a contest once, and I get that.  But - and maybe I'm wrong here - I think the whole purpose of these contests is to learn how to decorate in a variety of styles maybe, yeah?

This one doesn't seem so bad.  Modern style, but playful.   Just a quick Google search pulled up some pretty cool rooms for inspiration.

Raven Storme 25d ago
Ellie665 - 25d ago

Yes, when you think about it that way! I haven't actually looked it up, I just wished that they would do something more creative. 

Ellie665 25d ago
Raven Storme - 25d ago

Go look through all the contests they've done throughout the time this site has been up.  See all the contests they've already done, and I think that will explain why it feels like they're doing the same thing over again.  They've already done so much in the past, and I don't think they want to rehash old contests.  I could be wrong there, though.

@Nico Langeveld, correct me if I'm wrong in anything I've said.  It was just the way I look at it.

Raven Storme 25d ago
GraceKathryn - 25d ago

Raven Storme I agree.  I think the contests are all fine.  If you want to make a design per the contest that is great, if not do something else and don't enter the contest.  Just have fun creating!

GraceKathryn 25d ago
Isaacarchitect - 24d ago

Thank you GraceKathryn

kitty - 24d ago

@Grace Kathryn totally agree..I wasn't inspired at all by the Surf contests so I just couldn't be bothered to enter anything

kitty 24d ago
Isaacarchitect - 24d ago

Yeah the surf contests were, eh.

RS should do a South American country.

Nico Langeveld - 23d ago

Hi all, thanks for all the feedback, be it positive or negative; it's useful! Of course ideas for new contests are allways welcome since it is indeed a challenge to come up with something new, but also something that is inspiring and clear enough. It should not leave room for too much discussion because that leads to micro managing situations. So if there are any ideas on contests let us know. Especially the inspired on .... themes are good. I like the idea of doing a contest inspired on a book. But which are books every body would know? Also the three colour contests are worth considering. @isaac what south american country are you thinking of?

Isaacarchitect - 23d ago

I thought maybe we could do a contest that has the style o the 

Isaacarchitect - 23d ago

Of the  houses in Lima Peru

Isaacarchitect - 23d ago
cambreemore3467 - 23d ago

yes i agree we should do a 60 kitchen but i also think it should ore thing for kids as well instead of adults

kitty - 22d ago

@NicoLangeveld agree contests shouldn't be micro-managed they should be fun for all but also since this IS an interior decoration tool reflective of the trends in interiors be they current or projected.

Also I feel the contests should actually be a tool for users to explore the products 

available on the site and to showcase those products.

Therefore something like a 60's kitchen contest ..with all respect to very similar to the Midcentury kitchen contest to my mind and since we dont have a huge selection of 60's retro 'english rose' style kitchens on the site the designs could end up very repetitive with everyone using the Smeg coloured fridges for instance.

I LOVE the idea of city based contests as they are easy for everyone to understand and get a feel for the design style.

IE: Paris,Tokyo,New York,Amsterdam,Barcelona,LA,Madrid.Berlin

every city has its 'style' its climate its architecture.

OR; Old Building modern decor and furniture 

and Vice versa New Modern architecture furnished in antique style.

I dont think there will ever be a contest tat everyone loves and is inspired by..thats impossible-Just look through an interiors magazine..some rooms we love others we won't ..everyone has different triggers for ideas.

For me I didn't want to do the fairy tale contest or the surf one.

My feeling people aren't inspired by a theme dont enter but keep designing anyway its about being creative not just entering contests.

kitty 22d ago
RaeCam - 22d ago


RaeCam 22d ago
Raven Storme - 22d ago

Agreed, Kitty.

Raven Storme 22d ago
LuzMa HL - 22d ago

Hi, everybody!
I'm totally agree with you, Kitty. In fact, I recall making the same suggestion several weeks ago: a city/country inspired contest. 
And Nico, maybe differents rooms/spaces: Dinning rooms, nurserys, patios, terraces, rooftop, balconies, libraries....

LuzMa HL 22d ago
RaeCam - 22d ago

Yes! I love doing nurserys and kids rooms

RaeCam 22d ago
kitty - 20d ago

@LuzMa HL yes! agree with other spaces , it does get a little repetitive doing bedroom living room kitchen bathroom-though I confess I enjoy the challenge of designing a themed bathroom.

Also Patio gardens, urban gardens ,rooftop gardens would be lovely.

One room living-Studio apartments (with eating sleeping and living in one room-perhaps with set template dimensions to work within although we can add windows and doors as we wish room should be a set shape or size)

Gothic style (how wonderful!) Minimalist style, maximalist style

Artists house,Musicians house,Yoga teachers house, Tiny homes.

beach hut style again within set template with no set style so it doesn't repeat all the 'nautical' and 'surf' themes.

kitty 20d ago
LuzMa HL - 20d ago

Wonderful ideas, Kitty! I'm with you 100%.

I particularly like the fixed template ones, because they suppose an extra effort, which is a challenge I enjoy.

LuzMa HL 20d ago
RaeCam - 20d ago

I would love a rustic farmhouse barn theme

RaeCam 20d ago

not knowing what roomstyler has in plan makes it somewhat hard to throw out a suggestion.  Perhaps a room inspired by a favorite TV show.  But I was also thinking either a barn inspired or a 50s diner inspired and along with that perhaps some barn/diner items.  I know there are barn doors. Perhaps barn windows, diner stools, diner booths.....etc.

Theadora - 20d ago

Where are the designs "that makes one smile or even giggle"? 

Theadora 20d ago
kitty - 20d ago

We need more architectural components too..those haven't been updated for ages which makes me feel a bit frustrated when trying to create new looking spaces.

kitty 20d ago
intdeson - 14d ago

kitty "We need more architectural components too..those haven't been updated for ages which makes me feel a bit frustrated when trying to create new looking spaces."

i totally agree. there are many choices of things but not enough architectural options that could be executed in interior design as well

intdeson 14d ago
kitty - 13d ago

I've just been voting and this design is entered 3 times 

kitty 13d ago
LuzMa HL - 13d ago


LuzMa HL 13d ago