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Nico Langeveld - 26d ago
Contest - Modern Playful Living

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Some tips: posting your room for design advice here is not appreciated by the community and will not help you get more votes. You can best ask for advice in a new discussion. If you don't see your design in the contest, check if it is public, because once it has been entered and then changed, it might have been set to private when you asked for a render.

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Theadora - 20d ago

Where are the designs that "makes one smile  or even giggle"?

Theadora 20d ago
RaeCam - 20d ago

I only saw a couple like that my "playful" bedroom isnt really playful at all

RaeCam 20d ago

I think both this and the living room playful are hard.  What designates playful? Child's play or adult play?  Honestly both of the contest pics, neither look too playful in my opinion. So while I have some designs in mind, I can't quite grasp the 'playful' aspect.

Nico Langeveld - 19d ago

To be honest, if I look at the entries I think quite a lot of people got the idea of playful pretty well. Just trust your own gut feeling I would say. But no, not necessarily child's play. Adding toys or playground objects won't do the trick. More playful in design style. If, as Theodora correctly states, you even acomplish to elicit a smile or giggle that's a winner. Apparently it's not easy :-)

kitty - 19d ago

@WhatInspires..I would suggest it may help if you think of 'playful' as quirky or unexpected

a little bit crazy but fun.

I agree with Nico trust your gut feeling and dont 'over-think' just have fun designing

kitty 19d ago
saska24 - 17d ago

Hello, I have problem with entering contest, can someone please help me. Thank you in advance. 

saska24 17d ago
Isaacarchitect - 17d ago

Make sure that your room is public saska24

Teri Dawn - 17d ago

While looking for art on google images, I came across that crazy cat print in my bedroom design. It certainly made me giggle so that's what inspired me for both rooms. So, of course, I was obsessed! lol 

Teri Dawn 17d ago
starsector - 16d ago

Hi Saska, your rooms are being created under the whitelabel program, LivingSpaces.  You can tell this by opening your planner and looking at the URL which lists Livingspaces.  Whitelabels are programs that Roomstyler created for specific retailers, such as Yoo, Design Within Reach, Fallabella, etc.

Rooms created on whitelabels cannot be entered into contests, the program blocks them.  Try logging into the main using your same userID and password.  Then open the planner to your room, carefully delete the words Livingspaces and the period right afterwards.  Save your design.  Close the planner.  Reopen the planner and see if that name is there again.  

If it's not there, make sure your room is public, then try entering it in the contest.

If it is still there, you'll need to use the 'contact us' link at the bottom of the page and email the Tech team directly, asking them to 'detach' your account from the whitelabel Livingspaces.  hth :)

starsector 16d ago
ZsuzsannaCs - 16d ago

The "playful" living room or bedroom I think it does not belong to the category of funny. In the Hungarian language that "playful" room means that there are patterns in it, which is not necessarily childish, but these room are colorful and "playful"!

ZsuzsannaCs 16d ago
tahliawaters - 16d ago

hey guys

my interpretation of this "playful" theme is bright and bold colours with elements of creativity or uniqueness to the design. childish vibes are also considered so I would feel the vibe of the area and colours that you are dealing with while designing

good luck :)

tahliawaters 16d ago
IHMSgortney - 16d ago

I agree with tahliawaters, because I live in a big family, with lots of children, and bright colors just make everything more fun. 

IHMSgortney 16d ago
intdeson - 14d ago

Hello everyone! in my opinion a colorful, comfortable and at the same time a fun aspect of the room. it can be with colors, specimens of funny things - wall paintings, colorful carpets, objects, and in the end it can be a playground, but I think it's about the color and atmosphere in the room. eventually you go inside and feel happy and excited more than serene.

intdeson 14d ago
Orionaute - 12d ago

I change the subject but know that room styler reads these comments. I would like to thank the team for sending an email so that I think about coming to vote for these last 2 contests.

No longer coming regularly, I sometimes missed the vote and was very sad. THANK YOU ROOM STYLER

Orionaute 12d ago

I'm impressed by all your interpretations of this theme! Soo nice these rooms :-)