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Nico Langeveld - 12d ago
Contest - Maximalist Living

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

Some tips: posting your room for design advice here is not appreciated by the community and will not help you get more votes. You can best ask for advice in a new discussion. If you don't see your design in the contest, check if it is public, because once it has been entered and then changed, it might have been set to private when you asked for a render.

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kitty - 12d ago

Great contest! looking forward to designing for this one  : )

kitty 12d ago
Teri Dawn - 11d ago

Every one of my designs! LOL!

Teri Dawn 11d ago
Isaacarchitect - 11d ago

Huh new kind of design style that I've never thought about doing. Hmm...should be interesting.

Theadora - 11d ago

Lol, totally out of my comfort zone - I mean... my motto is "when in doubt, throw something out" - don't think that's going to work here! 

Theadora 11d ago
Isaacarchitect - 11d ago

Lol probably true since the room has to be full of furniture and accessories I guess. This will probably make us all come out of our comfort zones and get the interior design skills revved up again, lol. I didn't even know that a Maximal style existed until know, which is dumb, I should have guessed if there is a Minimalistic approach then there obviously should be a Maximal approach, duh me!

LuzMa HL - 10d ago

Teri: LOL!!!! 

LuzMa HL 10d ago
Teri Dawn - 9d ago

LuzMa .)

Teri Dawn 9d ago
LOVELYAW18 - 9d ago

Meeeeee Tooooo I hope I win. My hose looks great.

LOVELYAW18 9d ago
Teri Dawn - 8d ago

@LOVELYAW18 it's not a really a room interior tho

Teri Dawn 8d ago

 I think it's a troll...?

Raven Storme - 6d ago

Teri, that is not a bad thing, lol.  I love your rooms.  They look lived in.

enrica75 - 6d ago

Buongiorno, non riesco a inviare il mio disegno. come posso fare? clicco su "invia il tuo disegno", ma mi si apre sempre la stessa pagina. grazie

enrica75 6d ago
Teri Dawn - 4d ago

@Raven Storme Thanks!

Teri Dawn 4d ago