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bnu - 3d ago
can't find an item

I wonder if anyone can help? I've been searching high and low for a particular item - it's a copper dish rack/drainer. I know its exists, i've come across it before - only problem is, i saved it in one of the many behind-the-scenes graveyards ...and i cannot remember which one and I've searched most of my rooms but there are 300 plus of them !

bnu 3d ago
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bnu - 3d ago

oh and I've tried searching for it, I've tried copper, dish rack, drainer, wire, etc etc and nothing so it's anyones guess what it's filed under! 

bnu 3d ago
LuzMa HL - 3d ago

Ufff!!!! Though one!
If we don't know how it looks, it would be virtually impossible for us to help. The only thing I can suggest is try searching by color and measure. Plate and stand are also usefurl keywords in this case.

Good luck!!!!

LuzMa HL 3d ago
Theadora - 3d ago

2-tier dish rack with tray

Bunny Dish Rack

Simplehuman System Dish Rack

Orange Dish Rack

High and Dry Dish Rack

Round Stainless Dish Drainer with Tray

Black Wire Dish Drainer

Plastic Dish Drainer

Oakwood Dish Rack

These were the only ones I could find, didn't see any copper but like the Simplehuman and 2-tier very much.

Theadora 3d ago
bnu - 2d ago

thank you for the suggestions and for the help, LuzMa and Theadora  :)

bnu 2d ago
LuzMa HL - 2d ago

Let us know if you find it. Good luck!

LuzMa HL 2d ago
bnu - 2d ago

Haha thanks LuzMa, just really need this item to complete the "look" :) will let you know! 

bnu 2d ago
Raven Storme - 1d ago

So, I didn't find your copper dish rack.  I looked, trust me.  Rack, drainer, dish, metal, kitchen, orange, copper, and a combination of all of the words still gave me nothing.  So please, please if you find it, tell us what the magic words were, lol.

But I found some really bizarre stuff, lol.  There is a "Big Ass Fan," "Big Ass garage light," and little signs that say such things as "eat here & get gas," "attack of the 50-foot tw*t," and "bombs away laxatives."  Oh, and there's a sex sofa, too.  I'm not making this up - I swear to God this is in the catalog.

bnu - 23h ago

this is hilarious Raven Storme!!

bnu 23h ago
bnu - 23h ago

and thank you for looking!

bnu 23h ago
bnu - 21h ago

I went through every one of my rooms. and I found it ! Type "cacti" into the search bar and you'll see what I mean..

bnu 21h ago
Madge2017 - 16h ago

Hi, bnu, I added it to my "kitchen and dining list" in my highlights on my profile page if you lose it again.  I am glad you found it.  In my list room, it is laying on the floor, as I could not get it to stay on top of the cabinets and sinks I tried.  Do you have that problem as well?

Madge2017 16h ago
Raven Storme - 13h ago

Cacti!  I never would have found it, lol.  Sometimes they name things really bizarrely in this program ...

Raven Storme 13h ago
Theadora - 13h ago

To put a smile on your faces check out this thread: 

Theadora 13h ago