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natural11 - 7y ago
Scenery Not Showing!

I put in my scenery over and over again and it's not showing up, but everything else is rendering. Please help!

natural11 7y ago
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janip - 7y ago

hi natural11

i have same problem sence monday,donwloaded images not rendering,i have send feedback twice already,but nothing happend yet.


janip 7y ago
lavilavinia - 7y ago

I belive they have a overall problem with the website , not only the render and no images showed at the windows...Maybe this time a lightning fall and burn the central comp. ...or something...

janip - 7y ago


i just done render test,looks like scenery has rendered but no art on the wall,it looks like the team is  fixing thinks at the moment.


janip 7y ago
gabyzinhak - 3y ago
I need help too bc my isent working 
gabyzinhak 3y ago
starsector - 3y ago
HI gaby, are you referring to your room called "hall"?  To see the scenery, you must have a 3D Photo Quality save (yours is the low quality).  Use the green "Take a 3D Photo" button to save it.  If it renders properly, it should look like a real photo, not like a Sims image.

If you still have problems after that, please post again and someone will try to give more specific help :)

starsector 3y ago
missgalesue - 2y ago

Hi, I've saved my scenery as a 3D photo several times and and it is not being applied.  I've followed the lessons on youtube at least 7 times and it is just not showing up.  This is taking all the fun out of Roomstyler for me.  Will you please help me to get this to work?

Thanks a lot, Gale Sue

starsector - 2y ago

Hi missgalesue, please make your room Public on your profile.  We can take a look and try to identify the problem :)

starsector 2y ago
miawex - 1 year ago

Hi, my scenry will not show up. I have fixed all of the windows and done everything I can. I also have follwed the exact steps as the video, and the scenery is still not showing up. Can you please help me? Thanks!

miawex 1 year ago
Lackew - 1 year ago

We can take a look at it to see what the prob may be if you make the design public?

Lackew 1 year ago
starsector - 1 year ago

Hi miawex, some things to check for:  1) put your camera outside the room and take a 3D pix to see if your scenery is there.  Sometimes what is visible through windows is so much white/sky that it seems like the scenery isn't showing.

2) I believe the scenery images need to be .png or .jpg/jpeg files.

3) if your camera has been raised above the height of the walls, the scenery won't show up.

4) if your camera is outside the grid on the planner, the scenery won't show up.

Hope this helps ;)

starsector 1 year ago
HunarRai - 3 months ago

Hey! When I put my camera outside the room, and the scenery showed up, however, when I put the camera back inside, the scenery disappeared yet again. 



HunarRai 3 months ago
Lifandus - 3 months ago

Hey @HunarRai!

This might be a rhetorical question, but did you have windows to look out to the scenery?

Lifandus 3 months ago
starsector - 3 months ago

Hi Hunar, if you're still having problems, make the room Public and someone will take a look and hopefully narrow down the problem ;)

starsector 3 months ago
Theadora - 3 months ago

Lifandus has ESP :) 

 You don't have any windows so why do you expect scenery to show up? 

Theadora 3 months ago
starsector - 3 months ago

Hi Hunar, is this about your 'Nursery Room'?  It doesn't appear that you have successfully applied a scenery.  You would need to upload an image, then grab it with your cursor from the left hand panel.  As you drag it across the screen, you should note 2 new icons appear (apply all Walls; apply scenery).  Drop the thumbnail onto the Scenery Icon.  Please note, you will not see the image in the preview/camera view.  Only after you have saved your room with the Take a 3D Photo button and it renders in photoquality (check your main room page image).

However, you will also need to remove or adjust your curtains in  order to see the scenery in the photo render.  hth :)

starsector 3 months ago
Theadora - 3 months ago

This is not the room Starsector. The room in question was made public for a very short time yesterday and had no windows at all.

Theadora 3 months ago
starsector - 2 months ago

New members can benefit from any learning opportunity rather than just criticism.

starsector 2 months ago
Theadora - 2 months ago

Thank you Starsector. :) 

Theadora 2 months ago