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mamdom - 11y ago
3D Room Planner - Sunlight Settings
3D Room Planner - is there any way to change the sunlight settings in the final photo image. The system always seems to put bright sunshine coming through the windows which makes one side look great and the other very dark - exactly as it would be in real life!!
mamdom 11y ago
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jcooper - 11y ago
You can't manually change the sunlight settings but it might be worth trying your windows on different walls. I think the sunshines very bright from the side of the building facing north or upwards.

Also, if you want light to flood in more evenly then maybe you could put windows on all your walls, so they are all equal. Remenber you could put small ones up high, or larger ones out of the shot of the camera if you don't want to actually see them.
jcooper 11y ago
wbrooks729 - 6 months ago

there's no compass to know where north is relative to the floorplan, so should I assume "north" on the light feature is the top of the page?

wbrooks729 6 months ago
hauser - 6 months ago


hauser 6 months ago