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Chachi - 5y ago
How do you add a second level?
Does anyone know how to add a level?? You can stairs but how to add a level? HELP!!
Chachi 5y ago
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StefySlayer - 5y ago
We can t add a level...
nonehpets - 5y ago
You can give the impression of a second level using the Mezzanine items.  If you want furniture on the second level you need to use the Brixton Mezzanine.  You can also use some of the beams close together (they need to be height adjustable) but you will still need the Brixton Mezzanine to add furniture on top of the beam floor
nonehpets 5y ago
Em24 - 4y ago
Can you add a floor at all or not?
Em24 4y ago
Theadora - 4y ago
Theadora 4y ago
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