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anushcadalton - 4y ago
Creating a Second Floor
Hi there. I would like to add a second floor to one of my designs, but have NO idea how to implement this. I have seen many designs with second floors...but how to do this? Please assist :) Thanks SO much!
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kik - 4y ago
kik 4y ago
nonehpets - 4y ago
We cannot truly create second floors.  We used to be able to due to a bug in the programme - so those maybe some of the designs you have seen.  We can create the illusion of a second floor sometimes using items like the mezzanines, beams and pedestals.  However not all the mezzanine options, nor the beams will support furniture on top of them so you might need to hide a "Brixton Mezzanine" to give the look of furniture on the floating mezzanine.

The best way to find out how is to open a room you admire and see how it is done - be aware though that if it uses the bug we used to have then the second floor will collapse if you move any of the items that created it.

nonehpets 4y ago
this sucks i wanted to make a second floor to my awesome house and i have already done almost every room on the first floor and just to find out i cant even make a second floor bitches
Anastacia_Baudelaire - 11 months ago

I know I really want to add a second floor to my house and entrance way, to make it look more grand really sucks :( 

Anastacia_Baudelaire 11 months ago
hauser - 11 months ago

hauser 11 months ago
Anastacia_Baudelaire - 11 months ago

How did u do it ??

Anastacia_Baudelaire 11 months ago
hellohello88 - 5d ago

wow.... icant do that.