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Nhezi - 1 year ago
How do I turn the lights on?
I've been seeing a lot of beautiful designs with the lights turned on. I was just wondering how you guys do that. can someone please help? 
Nhezi 1 year ago
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nikolaiR6971 - 1 year ago
you go to
then you make a user(you can have it in youe own email)
when you have make a user you can go to the 3d planner and design with the lights on,
just to make sure when you are going to switch user(roomstyler user to dmlights user)make sure you have logged off roomstyler user in roomstyler,and then go to and log in with your dmlights user there,then the dmlights user will pop up in the roomstyler site also,iff it doesnt pop up,then you have to go to the 3d dmlights 3d planner and then it will pop up(it have happend to me)

iff you wana turn the lights on in one of your roomstyler design(lights off) just edit the room you wanna turn the lights on with your dmlights user and then put dmlights in the link like this and then you can turn the lights...

one note:dont enter designs with the lights on in competitions,it is not allowed............
nikolaiR6971 1 year ago
leticiacamargo - 12 months ago
Can you help me? Even when I turn the lights on in the dm lights website, is not happening!
leticiacamargo 12 months ago
nikolaiR6971 - 12 months ago
Are you sure that you have created a new account,and the same time logged off roomstyler,you use cantthe roomstyler,but you have to use a new dmlights!
nikolaiR6971 12 months ago
leticiacamargo - 12 months ago
Thanks! It worked now
leticiacamargo 12 months ago
Naavarin - 9 months ago
How do you design? I did go on the site and do everything u wrote here but i just can't design why?
Naavarin 9 months ago
Biohome - 8 months ago
@nikolaiR6971 Is this only for new Roomstyler users??? I did what you wrote above...I created a new dmlights account but when I go back to roomstyler site, it logs me into a NEW roomstyler account (where I can only see my DMlights designs but not my OLD roomstyler designs). How can I connect NEW DMlights account to my OLD Roomstyler account? I have already used the same e-mail on both accounts (new DMlights & OLD Roomstyler account) but it doesn't work.
Biohome 8 months ago
DMLights-user-1159235 - 8 months ago
log on to dmlights and roomstyler at the same would be able to access your dmlights project on roomstyler account.hope it helps
DMLights-user-1355650 - 7 months ago
Hello, I have followed all of the instructions above and it just isnt working for me. Either the room shows up on Roomstyler as daylight and unlit, despite me having the night and light on options on dmlights, or it has entered a test room into a competition and won't let me delete.  Am I missing something? Can our rooms be viewed on the dmlights site? If so where? Thank you
DMLights-user-1355650 - 7 months ago
Can I also add that some test designs, when I am trying to view them just aren't there, and yes I am logged on to both sites, or the 'Bummer, this design has been made private or deleted' message comes up when I have not made the design private or deleted it.
DMLights-user-1355650 - 7 months ago
OK, I have just had success with 1 room, I'll keep n with it!
ravalonna - 7 months ago
pop now try

ravalonna 7 months ago
anjj - 7 months ago
i did it, but i cant get it to work ?? is there any other way?
anjj 7 months ago
MLG2014 - 6 months ago
There is no lights unless you have the top notch upgrade.  Sorry but that's the way it is.
MLG2014 6 months ago
Ella_4_dayz - 4 months ago
sorry i'm confused how do you turn lights on, can someone say it in like a kiddie way?

Ella_4_dayz 4 months ago
DMLights-user-1469460 - 3 months ago

How about 4K renders? The lights doesn't seem to follow through the rendering process. Are the lights supposed to be "on" in the final 4K image?

ella_rulez - 3 months ago

im still kinda confused

ella_rulez 3 months ago

it worked.but after a long struggle

PedroRoom - 1 month ago

Where are the switches, outlets, etc.?

PedroRoom 1 month ago
peedeepow - 1 month ago

PedroRoom, if you're talking about switches, outlets, etc on roomstyler, just type on the bar above browse categories on 3d planner, and search

peedeepow 1 month ago
Estee Winter - 20d ago


Estee Winter 20d ago
kadee1111 - 12d ago

As far as I understand once you get to Dm lights you have to create a whole new room. You can't export an existing Roomstyler room into it to turn on the lights.

If I am wrong, PLEASE! someone with excellent clarifying skills help me understand!

(The link in the second paragraph of the first post took me nowhere)

kadee1111 12d ago