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xoxoroomxoxo - 3y ago
I was wondering if there are certain task you can complete to get credits, or do you have to buy them every single time? Thanks!!!
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David - 3y ago
Hi xoxoroomxoxo, sometimes we organise contests together with a certain retailer and for those kind of contests you usually can win credits. Furthermore there are no certain tasks that you can receive credits for yet. I added some credits to your account so you can check out the HD or 4K rendering, hope you like it!
David 3y ago
maureen smith - 3y ago
doing certain task is a great idea to earn credit, like buying credit in dollars is rather expensive when you work in South Rands or  UAE AED
HunarRai - 3 months ago

Hey! I am new to roomstyler, and was wondering how contests work. I also really want to check my room out in the realistic mode. 

HunarRai 3 months ago
Theadora - 3 months ago
Theadora 3 months ago