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Ato Ssa - 2y ago
Hi, I have a Mac. I tried different browsers ( safari & chrome) but still can't scroll down on any furniture item. Help! thanks.
Ato Ssa 2y ago
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Hello there Ato Ssa,

Are you still unable to scroll down to find new furniture items?
Did you try other furniture categories to see if it scrolled there?

If everything is okay you can ignore this post, otherwise I'd love to know!

Sidney Liebrand
eiman khalid - over 1y ago

same here I can't scroll down to see more carpet options. I also have a mac

eiman khalid over 1y ago
Paula Bramberg Gaull - over 1y ago

Same thing...I'm on a PC/Firefox browser

starsector - over 1y ago

Try logging out, then clearing your browser cache (history), then log back in again.  If that doesn't help, try a different browser.  There are some known issues between certain OS/browsers with the site.  You can also use the 'contact us' link at the bottom to email the tech team directly.

starsector over 1y ago
juliaedt - over 1y ago

Same here, very frustrating!

juliaedt over 1y ago
bethanycockayne - over 1y ago

:( I am also having the same problem after clearing cache and re-trying. I have also tried on Chrome, Safari and Firefox (i am using a MAC). 

bethanycockayne over 1y ago
remany66 - 20d ago

same here i dont know why tho im a mac user pleassee help if possible

remany66 20d ago
starsector - 20d ago

Hi remany, try clicking inside the scroll channel.  Sometimes the upload of items stalls.  If that doesn't help, try saving your design, exiting the planner, then go back in again and try again.  If it still doesn't work, it's likely a systems compatibility issue like described above.  You could try emailing the tech team using the "contact us" link below.

starsector 20d ago