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afg15 - 2y ago
contest ideas

Ideas for a contest: underwater room, winter themed room, room with a lot of windows and light, walk in closet, moodboard contest, and a boy's lounge

afg15 2y ago
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ella_rulez - 2y ago

what about a home cinema room or something or recreate a cinema?

ella_rulez 2y ago

actually we got all these contests. Check the contest tab and scroll to see the different themes already done.

A holiday kitchen might be nice.  But almost need more food to make that work

afg15 - 2y ago

I wonder how they come up with all the contests if they already did so many!

afg15 2y ago
marleinxs - 2y ago

Since a lot of people are making industrial designs, maybe something with an industrial design, or Bohemian style. 

marleinxs 2y ago
Jayna1 - 2y ago

How about a quadruplet room design? Like, you have quadruplets and need to design a room that would give them all their space, but at the same time have it be open and efficient.

Jayna1 2y ago
Brubs Schmitt - 2y ago

concursos baseados ou com inspiração em filmes ou series seria legal, em minha opinião...

master bed with a slash of color for newly weds 

bgref - 2y ago

I think a space room would be cool i've seen a few people do them ( including myself)

bgref 2y ago
russ - 2y ago

There are so many opportunities to create beautiful reflections in designs, I've always thought a contest featuring them would be a very interesting one.

russ 2y ago
Papaya Tree - 2y ago

Marble contest, I love marble

modernmakes - 2y ago

man cave contest!!!!!

oliinree12 - 2y ago

I think we should have a Garden Party contest !!!!!!!

oliinree12 2y ago
afg15 - 2y ago

hi, I know there already was a similar one, but I would looove a bedroom contest for two brothers and also a contest for teen sisters

afg15 2y ago
afg15 - 2y ago

and a cabin bedroom, pleeeease :)

afg15 2y ago
Khyra - 2y ago

Nursery. We haven't had a nursery contest in a while.

Khyra 2y ago
Love2Create - 2y ago
Love2Create - 2y ago

I think it'd be really cool to have some contest like this!  (Harry Potter) 

anchajaya - 2y ago

space hotel

anchajaya 2y ago
Inna_Inas - 2y ago

I would like to take part in garage sale contest

Inna_Inas 2y ago
Lifandus - 2y ago

I would absolutely love a treehouse contest!

Lifandus 2y ago
afg15 - 2y ago

Can we please have a playground contest- we have so much new playground equipment?

afg15 2y ago
Papaya Tree - 2y ago

Yes! I'd love do a winter themed room contest.

bgref - 2y ago

I still think like a space theme or like a life on Mars would be cool. Like designing what you'd imagine a home on Mars being like?? IDK all of you have wonderful ideas. 

bgref 2y ago
afg15 - 2y ago

yeah that's cool- I would not be able to do that, but good idea. I was thinking a "morning in the forest" theme contest but It's really just because I have a specific room I would want to enter-

afg15 2y ago
Lifandus - 2y ago

It would be interesting to revisit some old, old contests a lot of users haven't entered in because they didn't know about Roomstyler before. Some contests I would like to revisit are the "Wedding Reception" contest and the "Fastfood Restaurant" contests.

While some of Roomstyler's older users might have tried these contests, they can use newly introduced furniture and lighting as well for these contests now.

Wedding Reception:

Fastfood Restaurant:

Lifandus 2y ago
afg15 - 2y ago

you're right, some entries from old contests arent the nicest, even the winners. I think well have better ones if we have those contests again

afg15 2y ago
starsector - over 1y ago

Hi afg, the older designs/older contests did not have the wonderful features we enjoy today.  For instance, there were no working lights or High Def renders, no trimless openings, no closeup or normal view (only wide view). and believe it or not, we didn't even have the 'elevation' feature to raise/lower wall objects, we had a difficult 3D on the planner thing.  The features we enjoy today came about by improved computer technology in conjuction with advocacy and years of beta-testing by long term members.  

Also, those older contests feature all the tricks and work-a-rounds that long term members developed that are still being used today like the invisible wall techniques, 2nd story tricks, tables as shelves tricks, and many others.

starsector over 1y ago
starsector - over 1y ago

I think we should have a children's outdoor playground contest and/or another children's indoor space contests.  There are so many new cool items for both of these types :)

starsector over 1y ago
anchajaya - over 1y ago

You folks are so creative.

anchajaya over 1y ago
afg15 - over 1y ago

Starsector, you made feel so grateful for how roomstyler is now! I also had that idea for the playground, we have about 50 playground equipment/pieces, and classroom stuff.

afg15 over 1y ago
LaModeCeleste - over 1y ago

How about a Japanese room design contest?

LaModeCeleste over 1y ago
hauser - over 1y ago


hauser over 1y ago
hauser - over 1y ago


hauser over 1y ago
hauser - over 1y ago


hauser over 1y ago
hauser - over 1y ago

long narrow (bath-)room

hauser over 1y ago
marleinxs - 6 months ago

I would love another bathroom contest. More ideas:  small student apartment, penthouse, attic apartment, something with an innovative solution for living problems,  all white,  home office,  bohemian, design in the woods, etc.

marleinxs 6 months ago
kitty - 6 months ago

design a shop, it would be fun, a flowershop, clothes shop furniture or antique shop.

therapists office, artists studio, log cabin, Halloween house. garden studio(i.e.; a standalone outside building on a smaller scale for relaxing, hobbies etc, studio flat with size limitation

kitty 6 months ago
Madge2017 - 6 months ago

With all the new children's items that have popped up recently, maybe a classroom, childcare centre, etc....

Madge2017 6 months ago
Earvette - 28d ago
I wonder if you like complex design. I'd have something for you, but I'm at work now. If you're interested, let me know.
Earvette 28d ago
Chickie4012 - 18d ago

Nursery room contest/daycare

Chickie4012 18d ago
anchajaya - 11d ago

space hotel

anchajaya 11d ago
Shoe690 - 10d ago

What about a pet room?

Shoe690 10d ago
kitty - 10d ago

Rock star's home.

Church conversion.

Barn conversion.

back to the 1970's

green coloured rooms/Green interior focus

Garden room (for relaxation/hobby space etc)

Dressing room (except we'd need more clothes to display to do this)

kitty 10d ago
Shoe690 - 9d ago

Sun lounge

music lover bedroom

gymnast studio


Shoe690 9d ago
anchajaya - 9d ago

"Teen sanctuary": my 13 year old daughter suggest a teen's only game room contest would be one that is more gear toward current audience. 

anchajaya 9d ago
Shoe690 - 9d ago

Yeah! Great idea!

Shoe690 9d ago