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Walls being different colors

Hi, how do I make like a wall in 2 different rooms (e.g., bedroom with a shared wall with living room) how do i make the room wall one color and the lliving room wall another color? it's irrittating me.

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starsector - 3y ago

Hi eliza, we can't paint each side of the wall a different color, unfortunately.  You would have to construct the floorplan using 'double walls' rather than shared walls. :)

starsector 3y ago

where do i get double walls?

starsector - 3y ago

Hi again, you would need to draw your floorplan with double walls.  I've thrown together a room sample:  

Use the Remix button to open it and see the double walls.  You can click on them to see different wallpapers side by side, or move the camera from one room to the next.  Hope this helps :)

starsector 3y ago

where is the remix button? lol

eternal pain - 3y ago

Click on the image above, and look in the bottom right corner. Hover your mouse over the button that looks like "..." A remix button should appear. Click it.

thank you

lulu2x - 7d ago

hi im trying to find the remix button but your photo is either private or has been deleted

lulu2x 7d ago
Theadora - 6d ago

This is a 3 year old thread so it's probably deleted.

Here is a more recent example.


Theadora 6d ago