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SalimaM - 19d ago
Roomstyler not working

Hi there,

Is anyone having problems with roomstyler not working?

SalimaM 19d ago
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VincentVg - 18d ago

@SalimaM, can you provide additional information? Is the preview not working or the editor itself?

VincentVg 18d ago
SalimaM - 15d ago

Hi Vincent,

Its the editor. Every time I click on a piece of furniture I can't seem to move it.


SalimaM 15d ago
SalimaM - 15d ago

When I try to move furniture around the whole screen moves - if thats any help.

I can add items from the library but then unable to move around the floor plan.

SalimaM 15d ago
Virgininininia - 11d ago

I am just getting started here, and I can't resize walls.  When I try to drag a wall, the entire canvas moves.  Am I doing something wrong?

SalimaM - 11d ago

Hi Virginia,

I know this happened to me a while back. Try a different browser like internet explorer and let me know how you get on. 


SalimaM 11d ago
rhobro - 10d ago

I have the same issue.  I used it on one laptop in Chrome and saved changes, logged out.  Opened it on another laptop and and I see my design and can click on objects but can't make changes or move anything. I went back to old laptop and it works fine.

rhobro 10d ago
VincentVg - 10d ago

Hi Salima and rhobro,

We are aware of this issue but are unable to replicate it. Could you try to update the Chrome app or try with another browser like Firefox?

If you have more technical skills could you check the console when loading the the 3dplanner when you're getting an error, to see if there are any errors popping up.

VincentVg 10d ago