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stokeshannah - over 1y ago

How do i get scenery in my rooms? (outside windows or see through doors) 

ex.The fireworks in the New year spectacular contest

stokeshannah over 1y ago
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peedeepow - over 1y ago

you should upload your photo first, and then drag that photo from the "populate your list" box to "apply the scenery" (you'll find it  hover above your 3d plan)

peedeepow over 1y ago
stokeshannah - over 1y ago

where is the populate your list box?

stokeshannah over 1y ago
starsector - over 1y ago

Hi stokes, when you are inside your planner, look on the left hand panel.  The clipboard icon is 'populate your list'.  Click that, and select the 'photos' tab at the top.  The images you've uploaded should be displayed as thumbnails.  Use your cursor to grab one, drag it across your screen.  As you do so, 2 new icons should appear at the top of your grid (decorate all walls) and (apply scenery).  Drop the thumbnail on the 'scenery'.

You won't see the scenery in the camera view/preview.  You the green "take a 3D Photo" button to save it.  Then go to your profile and refresh the image for that room.  When it's done rendering, you should see the scenery.

starsector over 1y ago