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Valentinapenta - 16d ago
4K Room Render Failed

My Bowie design was rendered in 4K because it was featured on the homepage.  Unfortunately, the render failed and I can't re-render it.  Please fix it for me.  Thanks.

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VincentVg - 14d ago

Hi Valentinapenta,

I've re-rendered your room. It should be in 4K now. It looks marvellous as always!

VincentVg 14d ago
Valentinapenta - 14d ago

Thanks so much, Vincent.

milyca8 - 8d ago

My /rooms/17111963/m_design-living-room was rendered in 4K because it was featured on the homepage. Unfortunately, the render failed and I can't re-render it. Please fix it for me. Thanks.

milyca8 8d ago
VincentVg - 8d ago

Hi milyca8, 

I've re-rendered your room in 4k. Have fun designing!

VincentVg 8d ago
Lizzy0715 - 7d ago

I seem to have a similar problem with one of my rooms rendered in 4k.


Lizzy0715 7d ago
brianclough - 6d ago

I am currently doing a room now and it isn't rendering, it's title is 'summer sitting room'. thank you

brianclough - 6d ago

Ok, I logged in and out again and it seems OK now!

brianclough - 6d ago

Sorry, but it's happening again!

VincentVg - 6d ago

Hi Lizzy0715,

Your room render has been fixed.

VincentVg 6d ago
Lizzy0715 - 6d ago

Thank you so much Vincent!

Lizzy0715 6d ago
milyca8 - 6d ago

Thank you Vincent!!

milyca8 6d ago
Fairlight - 10h ago

My design "T r o p i c s" was featured on the front page but unfortunately the 4K render failed...please fix this for me. Thanks :) 

Fairlight 10h ago