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Quin deW - over 1y ago
Questions for the RS-team

First of all I absolutely love Roomstyler, but i still left with some questions.

I'm constantly searching for suitable furniture and if I find something it's not really what i'm searching for or it's not available. 

1. A time ago i've asked if it was possible to add some particular furniture and architectural things and unfortunately nobody answered. No problem..and I know you're busy!  But how can I apply something in a good way? 

2. Nowadays there are several websites that offers (free) 3D models. And I wondered why you do not make use of it.

Hope you guys can answer my questions! 

Thanks in advance! 

Quin deW over 1y ago
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TV Renders - over 1y ago

Hi Quin deW. 

We tent to model our items with a low to medium polygon count.

Unfortunately most of the free items you find online are way too heavy for our tool in terms of geometry/polygons and cannot be adapted. One other reason why we tend to avoid this is because to adapt such models it could take as long, if not longer than modelling from scratch, and we are already working full capacity to add daily all the items requested by the furniture retailers that work with us.

That said, you can always pop you requests or links to free models in the following thread:

When we are less busy with requests we usually fish from that pool :)

Hope this helps

TV Renders over 1y ago
Quin deW - over 1y ago

Thanks for the quick response. It is entirely clear to me now. ;-)

Quin deW over 1y ago