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stokeshannah - 12d ago
Scenery not showing up

So, i have a photo that i dragged and dropped on the "add scenery" button thing, but nothing shows up outside of the window...

stokeshannah 12d ago
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marleinxs - 11d ago

Hi Hannah, your scenery is supposed to appear when you render your room! You can't see it while you make your design. Just push the 'Take a 3D photo' button underneath the preview, and reload your page after a minute, and you will hopefully see your scenery!

marleinxs 11d ago
stokeshannah - 11d ago

Thank you so much! I just looked at one of my designs and I can see the scenery now!

stokeshannah 11d ago
marleinxs - 11d ago

No thanks! Glad it helped you out!

marleinxs 11d ago