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David - 2y ago
Contest 1354: Symmetry - comment thread

Feel free to talk about things regarding this contest in here.

David 2y ago
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Theadora - 2y ago

I have already voted but the vote button has popped up again, temporary glitch?

Theadora 2y ago
Theadora - 2y ago

Never mind, I can't count to

Theadora 2y ago
Brabbit SD - 2y ago

:) ha

Brabbit SD 2y ago

can you take away those dreadful comments from This design,please....

Or please do something with that account,their timeline is getting worse...
afg15 - 2y ago

hey, does anyone know how long after voting the winners are announced?

afg15 2y ago
Daisy320 - 2y ago

I wanted to thank everyone for their votes. I was quite surprised. So many very  nice entries. Appreciate it so very much, especially since I used a rather unusual roof as I experimented with something different. Thank each of you! 

Daisy320 2y ago
starsector - 2y ago

Congratulations to Daisy, Jay, and Deborah!  And to all the other great designers!

starsector 2y ago
bgref - 2y ago

yes congrats 

bgref 2y ago