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You never get a second chance to make a good first impression. Therefore, making your hallway look welcoming is a key part of your house. It might sound like a challenge, and it is. Some tips: - A warm color spectrum definitely gives a welcoming atmosphere. - Consider the space you have for storage. - Do not forget a coat stand. - Add personal touches. - Create a surface to leave your everyday items. - If you have the space for it, create a place to sit. Contest Rules: ~ Please use the offered template. ~ Don't change the space itself, so leave walls, doors and windows as they are. ~ Don’t add walls, doors and windows either. ~ Changing the camera angle and placement is allowed. If you do not follow the contest rules there is a chance we might have to withdraw your entry. Feel free to change and add anything else to make this hallway welcoming to you and your vistors.

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