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A chandelier is a multi-armed lamp with a decorative function that is attached to the ceiling. Chandeliers were used hundreds of years ago, especially by the wealthy and in churches, palaces or large public halls. And today, chandeliers are still unimaginable. That is why many people often call the chandelier the king of pendant lights. They can be beautiful eye-catchers, not only illuminating the room, but also enriching the space. They can be found in many shapes, styles and sizes, ranging from a more traditional chic chandelier to a contemporary style. You'll often see it hung in the sitting area above the living room, but a chandelier also looks great above a large dining table, above your bed in the bedroom or in a hallway with a high ceiling. The lower the chandelier hangs, the more present it will be. Find the most beautiful chandelier you can find and create a perfect environment around it! Make sure the light sparkles☺ Have Fun!

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