To the loving memory of Orionaute / Francine This week we received a sad message from Theadora: Orionaute/Francine would like you to know that she entered “The Light” due to cancer on October 5th, 2021. She was an incredibly caring friend to many on Roomstyler and loved to put a smile on peoples faces with her funny and touching designs, this contest is meant to pay tribute to her. For inspiration here is her profile page, browse through it and enjoy! :) The brief is very simple: Anything goes! Her only request is that you include at least one butterfly in your design - she sends you her love. We at Floorplanner are saddened by her passing. Orionaute has been part of the Roomstyler community for over 10 years and delighted many users with her creativity and sense of joy. This contest will not have "Winners" so NO credits will will be distributed to the most voted entries. After the voting we will provide a permanent link from her profile to this Tribute.

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