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I am struggling for what to do with my Living room it is a very tight  space with special requirments.

The rooms details and requirments are below.



from the top left hand corner in 0.84m on the top wall there is a patio measuring approx 1.73m x 2.05m ( i have estimated from the 3d room design)

In the bottom left hande corner on the left side there is a paned window 0.84m x 2.08

there is a 42 inch black tv you must incorporate this in your design.we can move this anywhere between the fire place and the top left hand corner

on the left hand side wall from the door to the fireplace is 2.13m it is a tudor limestone fireplace from fireplace world,

we are able to change everything but the tv and fireplace the door and patio will remain the same.I have enclosed a picture also.


I look foreward to looking at your designs. And thanks for your help. Also we cannot face the right side wall. because of religious reasons so you cannot put a sofa on the same wall as the fireplace


Love for 4lion

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