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Okay, so this one will probably be a little challenging but sometimes challenging is also really fun! Ok so first off, I made this room and if you go to my profile and click on "My empty bedroom" you could copy that BUT! I would suggest not copying it because usually when you copy a design you cannot enter it in a competition so I will give you the measurements of my room! It is square and it's 14'3" 12'9" and the ceiling height is 7'2. The windows are standard 3'0" 5'2" and are 1'3" from the floor. There are 5 doors... I can't really describe it so maybe just copy my design but not Copy it using the button... just copy i from looking lol sorry about the whole thing but i learned earlier about the copying and submitting. if you dont feel like doing all the work, thats fine. Just copy my design using the copy design button, save it, and pos the link in a comment. I'm so excited to see all the entries! Check back tomorrow! Happy designing!!!

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